Monday, August 24, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 {Sunday}

Week in the Life is over again for the year. It was weird waking up this morning and not immediately reaching for my camera. But I'm glad that I used my DSLR for a majority of my photos this week, and I'm planning on using it more often in the coming weeks and months. I forgot how much I loved using it :)

Sunday mornings we go to church. Unfortunately, our church doesn't seem to have air conditioning. There are fans, but its really really hot in there. Today was the first day in weeks I remembered to wear my hair up. It helped.

It rained yesterday morning.

We also made a Target run. We have a storage unit nearby, but I prefer that anything we store there go in plastic storage bins. We ran out (again), so we had to stop at Target to pick some more up (again). Its kind of a pain (and kind of expensive!) to keep transferring everything we own to storage bins. But I figure next time we move, and hopefully have a basement, we are going to be very happy that all of our holiday decor and out of season clothes are in storage bins!

I didn't start packing on Sunday though, that's on my list for today.

I spent way too long debating if I should eat yogurt, an apple or goldfish for lunch or mac and cheese.

Catching up on Friday and Saturday's posts.

We decided to bake oatmeal cranberry cookies.


It was a new recipe. The cookies ended up being delicious - with the cinnamon and brown sugar and cranberries, they taste just like fall! I decided they would be perfect for breakfast ;)

At the Farmer's Market yesterday we got a pint of cherry tomatoes in all different colors - red, yellow, orange, purple. We had them for dinner over pasta. Yum!

I tried to take a picture of me cooking every day (I succeeded with the exception of Wednesday). My plan right now is to use these photos in my Project Life for this week, while using the rest of the pictures for my Week in the Life pages.

Sunday wrapped up as Sunday's usually do - hanging out on the couch talking about how quickly our weekend flew by before the week starts again.

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love that dress! So pretty!! Your Target has an escalator for the carts? I've only been to one like that. You will appreciate having all of those bins. We have a lot and I use them for all sorts of things (like when we need paint a room or organize a project). When they're not in use, they all stack up and don't take up much room. We also used them to transport our daughter's stuff to and from college...not that you can think about that yet. :)

Becky said...

What a perfect Sunday :) you look so pretty in your dress :) I agree, I love having our stuff in plastic too! Those tomatoes look delicious!

Dawn Gross said...

What a lovely dress! And mmmmm cookies! Good job on sticking with witl!

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