Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Last Thanksgiving, my mom and I made candles that said "Give Thanks" as a centerpiece. This was before I had an eclips or a cricut and it took forever! This year for Christmas, I made a similar centerpiece that said "Merry Christmas" using the Traditions font off the eclips - the whole thing came together in one night! It was so easy! Some friends of the family saw them on the table and loved them, so I made a set of spring candles for each of the women. They are super simple to make. I cut 2.5 inch x 9 inch strips of paper and used glue strips to adhere them to the candles. Then, I inserted 3 corsage pins in the back on the seam to keep the paper firmly attached to the candle as well as to make the seam look nice (in case the backs are visible on the table they are displayed on). This is the hardest part - literally, the pins can be really hard to push in. I just used the edge of my table to push on the pin while guiding it so it didn't bend.

 Then, I cut 2 inch high letters using the Traditions front on the eclips. I ran the letters through my Xyron sticker maker and attached them to center of the paper strip.


Then you line up the candles, and that's it! They come together pretty quickly once you get into a rhythm. Three sets took just over an hour!

Flower Paper - Bo Bunny Sophie line
Pink Paper - from my huge stash of papers!
Candles - 2.8" d x 9" h pillar candles from Michael's (I think the brand was Ashton, or something like that)
Corsage Pins - Panacea 2" corsage pins

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