Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bridesmaids Scrapbook {Bridal Shower Gift}

This weekend was my cousin's bridal shower. Unfortunately, because my job is brand new and the flights (or lack thereof) to Baton Rouge, I couldn't go.

But that didn't stop me from contributing to her scrapbook!

My aunt (her mom) had the fun idea to have each bridesmaid create a scrapbook page about our relationship with the bride.

As the scrapper in the family, I was in charge of picking out the papers and making the cover page. I will also be in charge of making an additional page or two about the shower, but I didn't do that yet.

Since my cousin loves yellow, blue and graphic patterns, each girl got two pages from the Recollections Everyday Moments paper pack. I can't find the stack now, but apparently this one is extremely similar.

Then, each girl put together a page for the book. I wish I could have seen everyone's pages in person, but the pictures I saw were great!

This is the cover page for the book...My cousin's style is very clean, so I wanted to book to reflect that. I just backed the invite (which I also made) on some of the extra Recollections papers.

Then, for my page to her, I used pictures of us as little kids and as adults. The title says "cousins", but the shiny gold stickers don't show up great in photos!

To be honest, I was really nervous about making this page! I never really make scrapbooks for other people, and I found it a little stressful! I know when I make pages for me to enjoy that I'm going to like whatever I make, but I was worried about making a page for something as important as a wedding for someone else!

Do you like making scrapbook pages for others,or do you prefer to make them just for you?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a wonderful idea and i totally love your cover page and layout! i know she will cherish it forever

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I'm sure she loved it! How special and to have photos of you two as kids...really special!! What a great idea for her shower! I'm sure she will treasure that book!

Jules said...

Up until recently every book I did I gave away....it was either for a gift or I was paid, so I think I started out doing it the high stress way. I am definitely more laid back when I am doing my own pages, but I have to admit I am still pretty critical of myself....yes, I know I have to stop that. But you have done a beautiful job from what I have seen and I am sure that your cousin will cherish the book for years to come!

Becky said...

What a super sweet idea her mom had, I love it! The cover page, and the page you made are awesome! I can imagine how stressful it was though. I have only made two albums for other people before, my mom and sister, and I think they have to like everything by default :)

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Katie - this is just such a great idea with pages I am sure she will treasure. And, yes, I have done quite a few mini and big albums for others. And, yes, at times I found it stressful. Not so much when I make them for kids. More so when I do it for adults!

Tracy said...

The cover is beautiful...which means your invitation you made is beautiful.
Great scrapbooking page.
I don't tend to make pages for anyone else. I did make a whole scrapbook about my FIL and his wife with building their home.

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