Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Themed Hurricane Glasses

When AJ and I were at Home Goods last week, I picked up two hurricane candle holders. I couldn't wait to get them home and decorate for fall.

I saw these on Pinterest, and just loved them!

My Heart's Desire: Fall Decorating with Hurricane Vases

I stopped at the grocery store the other day, I picked up green lentils, red beans, and corn kernels.

I would've taken a picture of both, but my table is kind of messy with lots of papers and computers right now. So I just cleaned off the edge and photographed the one :)

But there is a good reason that the table is messy - the first real day of school is today! I'm a little nervous. I really have no reason to be, its a half day, and I have a fun activity planned for the kids as a getting to know you after we do the basic here's the syllabus, hand out the textbook kind of stuff.

But I'm still nervous!

On the bright side though, I get out early! I like having a half day on the first day, because its like ripping off a band aid, you just do it quick, get over it, and its done! Then I can be back in the swing of things without being anxious before classes start anymore!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh wow these are just so cool!

today is my real first day of school! good luck tomorrow!!

Jules said...

So simple, but so neat! Totally gets you in the Fall mood even though we are still in the 90s here...uugghh!

MG Atwood said...

Great idea, I may steal, er borrow this idea for my fall table! said...

I hope your first day went WELL!!! It's fun that it's only a half day too..ease into it. Those hurricanes are so cool. You are really getting me excited about fall...not that I've done anything about it yet but I can live vicariously through all of your decor!

Becky said...

Hope everything went smooth today and you're ready to go for tomorrow! These candle holders are SO cool! I just love them!!!!

sandee said...

Well, I hope your first day back at class went well! I do believe that Fall is calling you! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Cynthia @ Oh So Pinteresting said...

Good luck with the new school year.

Your project turned out great! Isn't Pinterest awesome?

Tracy said...

I love your Hurricane candle holders, they turned out lovely.
I am trying to hold off on my fall decorating as I don't want summer to end yet...yes I'm in denial, lol.
I did purchase some faux gourds for my large glass bowl for the dinning table.

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