Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Attack of the Bumble Bee!

We came back from Spring Break today, and I was worried. Will the students want to be back? Will they be okay being confined to a seat when it is 70 degrees and sunny out? Will they remember what we talked about before break? Who really CARES that energy can be transformed? I JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO SLEEP! Okay, maybe that last part was from me...

Second period, my class has just started, all of my kids are calmly completing their do now, I'm holding the big binder of extra worksheets helping a student find something from last week,

Wow, first day back from break is going well, they are all working so...


Cue 12 people getting up from the left side of the room and running to see, while 12 people get up from the right side of the room to run away!

I put down the very large binder on the window sill, and begin fighting through the crowd, saying, in my calmest teacher voice, "Okay guys, let's sit down, let me get a look at it. Please return to your seats. Its probably just a bumble bee, they don't even have stingers."

I'm thinking, Wait! Is that true about the stingers?? I'm a SCIENCE teacher! I should know that! Ah well, no one is listening to me anyway, why won't they stop staring and yelling, it's just a little bumble...Holy shit! That is a huge freaking bee! Sitting right there on the window sill! Next to my students! Who are all looking at me to do something!

I'm pretty sure I screamed out "OH MY GOD! THAT IS A HUGE BEE!"

So I did what any 23 year old teacher would do when trying faced with a mutant killer bumble bee. I grabbed the aforementioned very large binder, and threw it at the bee. Smack! Direct hit!

I then screamed and ran away while yelling "EWWWWWW! I SQUISHED IT!!!!! I HATE BEES!"

One of my very sweet students goes, "Miss Teacher! You didn't have to kill it!"

Yes, yes I did. It was big and scary! Now, someone get its damn body out of here. Oh shit, I'M that somebody who needs to get its body out of here... 

So, I very slooooowly tip toed over to the binder, even more afraid, I lifted up the binder, fully expecting a living, pissed off bee to come flying at my face. It was squished squished squished, but still, I screamed and ran away again. I think I said, "I want my dad! He gets the bugs!" But I'm hoping that was only in my was getting hard to tell at this point, I was freaked out!

And then the same very sweet student goes, "It's okay, I'll get his body for you." I don't even know how he did it, I again, was running away, while saying, in my calmest-nothing-to-see-here voice "Okay guys, the bee is all gone! Let's get back to the Do Now!"

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