Saturday, July 30, 2011

Book Reviews!

So, I've been mia for the past few days. It hasn't exactly been the greatest week, AJ was away on a business trip, and it was just not a good week.

But, on the bright side, I read tons and tons of books on my kindle! Each one of these books was a great read.

Romantically Challenged
Beth Orsoff
Julie decides to that in order to find The One, she needs to up her numbers in the dating department. She dates all these crazy men, and ends up in these crazy situations!

Bridesmaid Lotto
Rachel Astor
A New York socialite decides that she is going to run a lottery to chose her bridesmaids, and the wedding comes with the opportunity to meet Jake Hall, a movie star. Josie wants no part of the lottery, but her mother enters her anyway. So, of course, she is picked, and now she has to deal with the other bridesmaids, the paprazzi, and Jake!

Confessions of a Call Center Girl
Lisa Lim

There's a Cake in My Future
Kim Gruenenfelder
Three best friends, Seema, Mel and Nic are each a different points in their lives. Seema is in love with her best friend, Scott, but won't tell him, Mel's live in boyfriend won't propose, and Nic is about to marry a great man with two kids of his own. At Nic's bridal shower, she hides charms in a cake that will predict the girls' futures. But, Nic doesn't want to leave anything to chance, so she rigs the cake so each girl will pull the charm she wants, until something goes wrong. The girls each try to deal with their new, unplanned, futures.

A Total Waste of Makeup
Kim Gruenenfelder
Charlie is the assistant to a famous movie star. She loves life, but she's turning thirty and is the maid of honor at her younger sister's wedding. Add in her crazy family, insane boss and a big crush that may or may not be reciprocated, and you've got a really fun read!

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