Sunday, July 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {7 3 2011}

So, I missed last week because I was moving to Chicago! But, these are my pictures for this week :)

1. Pop of Color

I was sitting in my very white living room, the walls are white, the floor is white, all the furniture is white. Not by design though, most of the furniture was hand me downs, and we haven't painted the walls yet (paint is expensive!). But, I looked over and saw my very pink pocketbook against all that white!

2. Crossing Thresholds

Where I'm from in New York, to go to the beach, you need to go under the tunnel to reach the beach. I was so excited when I got to Chicago and found out to reach the lake, you need to go under the same tunnel. I love going under there, it reminds me of home :) Especially when I saw three little kids yelling into the tunnel to make an echo, just like my brother and I used to do every time we went to the beach!

3. X Ray

Chicago Skyline, as seen from our roof deck.

4. Toy

My dad gave me Mama Bear the day I was born. Of course she came with me to Chicago. While I was unpacking my stuff, she sat on the couch and checked out her new digs.

5. Hidden or Farm

I can't find many farms in Chicago, but I took this shot when AJ, his coworker and I were hiding under the trees, waiting for the storms to stop so we could meet up with some more of his coworkers to check out Taste of Chicago!


Anonymous said...

love your set. totally different x-ray, I really liked that. your threshold is pretty awesome!
have a great weeked

scrapinbabygal said...

Hi!! Stunning photos and I loved reading the descriptions especially the hidden and thresholds. Your x-ray is pretty awesome!! Happy Fourth!

Stefanie Brown said...

These are amazing! I love, love, love your pop of color. I'm a Vera gal, too!
Have a blessed week...

Ashley Sisk said...

What a seriously brilliant job - I love your crossing thresholds and xray shots. Happy 4th!

Valeria said...

Those are great and that x-ray shot amazes me

Brooke said...

Love your set! Welcome to Chicago - although I am from wayyyyyyy out in the burbs ;D I am glad you are getting settled in.

WhisperingWriter said...

These are great pictures!

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