Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {8 28 2011}

I missed last week's scavenger hunt, and I felt so badly about it all week. But, I am back now!

1. Old and New
Tuesday night I made chicken cutlets, so my whole kitchen smelled like olive oil and garlic, and for dessert, we had Stella D'Oro Margherite cookies. When I closed my eyes and breathed in, it smelled just like my Nonni's house. It was like having a little bit of my old memories from New York in my new Chicago kitchen.

2. Night Photography
Walking home down Michigan Avenue brings me right past this beautiful church. It looked so cozy inside all light up as night was falling.

3. Music
I love the AJ's blue headphones on his ipod.

4. Cheesy
Mmmmm, deep dish on our Saturday night pizza date!

5. Sun
Saturday morning was beautiful. AJ and I walked to the farmers market in Lincoln Park (and got some fabulous croissants!) I loved how sunny it was in the park, and how pretty these flowers looked.


Valeria said...

I love when smells take you to good places from your memories ... it makes you feel warm inside.
I love you Night Photography, great composition.

Ashley Sisk said...

Very nice job - really like your night shot.

Laurie E. said...

Beautiful! Love the flowers. Thanks for the comment! :)

Katie said...

I really like your music picture! Very nice job! :)


Kathy said...

I love the night shot....I feel like I'm peaking in thru the arch. Gorgeous.


Lori said...

The night shot is awesome and I love the sun photo too!

Mad Mind said...

Wonderful night shot!

Jenn said...

Great job! I really like you night shot!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

STUNNING night shot- WOW

Linda R. said...

Your shots look amazing. I just love your night shot.. And all those flowers look so pretty.. Hope you are enjoying your day!

Becky said...

I always love your Scavenger Hunt Sunday posts :)

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