Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School

Ah! Yesterday was the first day of school! Well, for teachers anyway. The kids don't come until after Labor Day (lucky them!). I found out I'm teaching biology and physics, so that will be interesting!

I had to pick up my id card too. The id card printing machine was broken the day I went to get my card. So it was sent to the school.

When I first got there, my id had fallen out of the envelope en route, and a new card was being sent over. It got there after lunch!

After close examination, I realized that despite my name being listed on the bottom, that is not me!

So, after work, I had to head over to Chicago Public Schools to get a new picture.

I'm soooo sleepy now! I'm off to (try) to nap before AJ gets home, then make dinner and clean. And find the $2 I lost somewhere! I don't like feeling like I've lost money (like literally, lost, cannot find, had but now don't)!

1 comment:

Becky said...

Too funny about your ID! So happy you're working though :) and can't wait to hear about the stories when the kids start!

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