Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Oops! This was supposed to post yesterday, but I messed up the scheduling!

Friday night, my mom and I wanted to make Christmas tags, but I'd forgotten all of my tag things in Chicago! So we headed out to Michaels to see what we could find.

We didn't find anything for the tags, but we did find other crafty things.

We found these chargers on sale 2 for $3, so we decided to each decorate one. We got lots of pretty rhinestones and metallic markers to decorate with (which I awesomely got to bring back to Chicago).

I am going to put mine on my coffee table I think, I have a cute plate holder from Pick Your Plum and I didn't have a plate to display. (For the record - I did put it on the coffee table!) Of course, I forgot to take a picture of my mom's, since she was still working while I was taking pictures, but her plate is red and says Merry Christmas on it!

We also got these clear ornaments on sale. We made four ornaments, but I only took a picture of this one (I'm not sure why!) My brother's girlfriend and I both made ornaments with little snowflakes on them (maybe I'll remember to take a picture of my snowflake one when I put up the tree!), and my mom made little holly berries out of the red rhinestones, and some green ones we also bought.

And once we were all done with that, my mom remembered that she had some extra Christmas cards, so we used the pretty pictures and sayings inside to make Christmas tags too!

I will be back tomorrow (or with the messed up scheduling, later tonight!) with my December Daily post!


Annette said...

wow great bling... How fun for Christmas...

Becky said...

Ooohhh, those are SO pretty! I love those adhesive rhinestones, so great for so many things :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

wow girlfriend you have been busy! love everthing!!! so pretty--i

Brooke said...

These turned out so cute!!! You are one awesome crafter.

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