Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 20

How is Christmas this weekend?!

They are predicting a nor'easter in the North East (duh Katie, that was pretty much in the title of the storm!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get an awesome white Christmas in New York. I've never had one before - snow on the east coast usually comes in January and February, and I don't know what's going on with this unseasonable weather in Chicago! But, I'm really hoping it doesn't start until after I've landed in New York, and AJ has drive up from Jersey. I'd be so upset if I was stuck here alone, or if AJ was stuck in Jersey all far away on Christmas Eve!

But, that's next weekend, and I'm posting about yesterday! I went back to Verizon and got myself a Blackberry. I just love it! I'm so happy I decided to switch back, the touch screen just was not for me!

Other than that, it was a pretty quiet night, I had plans to do laundry and clean, better known as blog and scrapbook, but instead I blogged and ate pizza and watched It's a Wonderful Life.

Well, the last hour of It's a Wonderful Life. I watched the whole movie from beginning to end with AJ last year (he'd never seen it before!) and I'm a firm believer that the first time you watch it, you need to watch from beginning to end, after that, you only need to watch the last hour, with a full three hour refresher every decade or so :) Its one of my favorite Christmas movies, along with Home Alone and Griswald's Family Vacation.

Are there any Christmas movies you just have to see every year? For AJ it is A Christmas Story (not my favorite) and mine are those three, and A Year Without A Santa Claus. How could you not love the Miser Brothers?

Well, I'm off to do that laundry and clean up the kitchen. There is nothing worse than coming home to a messy apartment! Have a wonderful night!


Becky said...

Training phone? Ahahahahahah!!!!! I love it!! I love to watch White Christmas every year and of course Christmas Vacation. As for your traveling, I hope you get your white Christmas AND I hope AJ is with you when it happens too :)

Tracy said...

What!!!! You don't like a Christmas Story...thats one of my favourites.
Well actually I love all Christmas movies...the funny, sappy, and sweet.
There is just something about Christmas movies :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

my boys LOVE the miser brothers! i am a big fan of white christmas!hubby loves wonderful life and christmas story!

no white christmas here this year. we are all so bummed! just rain!

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