Monday, December 12, 2011

December 9, 10, 11

I can't believe it is Monday morning already! How did that happen?!

My dad was here this weekend, which was so much fun! We went out to dinner Friday night, lunch Saturday and breakfast Sunday. We tried to walk around the city a little bit, but it was freezing! Seriously, at one point, even with my gloves on, I couldn't feel my fingers!

And, I let my dad change in my room. Normally, this would be a big deal, except for the laundry I had on the drying rack in there taking up a very large amount of space. Here is what I didn't think of when AJ was looking at me like, ummm, what are you doing babe??:

Earlier in the month, my mom called and said "Don't get your packages today". Then AJ texted and said, "Don't get the packages, I'll pick them up." So I knew one of my Christmas presents was coming!
I go walking into the building, and right there in the middle of the lobby, is a HUGE box with a picture of this desk on the outside, and my apartment number emblazoned in dark black numbers!
Madison Large Trestle Desk - Antique White.Opens in a new window
I wasn't planning on telling my mom I had seen my gift until after Christmas (the intention was for me to open a picture of what was in the box and I didn't want to ruin the surprise!) But this box is bigger than I am, so AJ and I have had a hard time finding a place to put it in the apartment. We finally decided to "hide" it in our room (and by hide I mean, put it there, in front of the closet, where it is blatantly obvious to anyone in the room, but not visible if you just look in the door!)
So my dad saw it, and I told him the story, and he told my mom! She wasn't upset though, although I had been so disappointed that I saw my big present ahead of time!

That was my funny story from the weekend. And here are the December Daily pages for Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

How was your weekend? Did you get any shopping done? Or maybe some crafting? (I had the best of intentions to scrapbook while AJ watched the Cowboys game, but that didn't happen!)

Have a great Monday, I'll be back tomorrow with another December Daily layout!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

love your pages!! what a fun DD!

i know a couple of people who have the trestle desk and LOVE it! what a fun fun present! lucky girl!

Becky said...

Katie, I really do love your December Daily! It is way too fun and your dad is adorable!

Tracy said...

LOL, see you can't hide anything from your parents, teehee.
I am loving your December Daily pages, they are so great.

I am a Coca-Cola lover and as soon as I saw the new cans, I had a feeling they were going to have troubles.
Love that you documented that....I am so going to do that as well;)

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