Thursday, January 19, 2012

Take 12: January

Ella Publishing Company is doing a Take Twelve challenge this year. On the 12th of the month, you take 12 photos, then you scrapbook them.

I took the 12 photos, and had them printed out, but I haven't had a chance to scrap them yet! So instead of sharing my layout, I'll share my photos :)

1. Heather - I'd forgotten I had that first picture, but there are the letters in the window!
2. It was just starting to snow.
3. My desk, where I spend most of my time.
4. Eating lunch downstairs, a yummy Jimmy John's sandwich, which they delivered because it was snowing!
5. The campus is getting more covered in snow.
6. Yes, I know the copier is printing a black line, but its still working!
7-8. Driving home in the snow.
9-12. Wandering around by our apartment to take pictures of the snow.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday! It also means that I'm doing laundry tonight, but let's focus on the tomorrow being Friday part instead!


Becky said...

Great pictures, and a fun challenge too! Wednesday is my laundry night but Thursday is my folding night, haha! So happy tomorrow is Friday!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

what a fun challenge and love your pics! i LOVE jimmy johns turkey tom!! my fave!

Tracy said...

I love this challenge, so cool.
Love your photos of course, your photography is awesome.

Patrice said...

Great shots! said...

Aww another shout out to MOI. Thanks! I love it in the window!!!
I love this idea!

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