Monday, February 20, 2012

Oscar Movie Marathon

Hi guys,
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Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging!

Saturday, AJ and I spent almost 12 hours at the movie theater seeing an Oscar Movie Marathon. They were showing "War Horse", "Moneyball", "Tree of Life" and "The Descendants". Next week, you could go and watch the other five nominees, but we couldn't get tickets to that one!

I thought it would be fun to do a quick review of the movies today, and tomorrow I would start sharing my A Week in the Life album that I just finished from last year!

War Horse - I was a little nervous about seeing this movie. I wiki-ed it, so I was prepared for any bad thing that may occur - and even with that, I still cried! I really liked it, although AJ felt is was a little too much of a children's movie (although I think for older kids, some of the horses got hurt, and the war stuff was a little brutal, and if your kid was like me as a kid, this could be traumatizing...let's be honest, I found it slightly traumatizing at 24!) All in all, a good movie!

Moneyball - We both loved this movie! We are both big baseball fans, so I think that definitely played into why we loved it so much! I was really impressed with the way they used real play by play announcing and real game footage mixed in with movie footage too, I can see why its nominated for "Best Film Editing". I definitely want to see this one again.

Tree of Life - Can I get that 138 minutes of my life back? I understand what they were trying to do, but I really prefer when the characters in the movie, you know, speak to each other. This movie had a lot of monologues and whispering one liners in the background while characters "interact" without speaking. Oh, and there was also the 40 minute montage of exploding volcanoes, the sky, planets, abstract movements and the ocean with opera music playing in the background. I understand the concept, but I could've done without it. And based on the conversations with the people around me, we all could have done without this one!

The Descendants - I didn't expect to laugh so much at this movie, because it was about such a serious concept, but it had some very funny moments. It was really well done and very touching, this is another movie I would definitely watch again.

Well, its Monday, so I should probably be getting to work! If you are lucky and have the day off for Presidents Day, enjoy your day off! If you are like me and have to go to work, I'm sorry :(

7 comments: said...

You survived and it sounded like a great date with your honey!!!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

sounds like fun to see all the movies! my hubby would LOVE it

Chrizette said...

When I saw the trailer of TREE OF LIFE, I turned to my husband and said: "Huh?". I have no idea what happend or what I was supposed to see.

Wow, 12 hours at the movies! That must have been awesome!!

Celestial Things

Becky said...

That is a LONG time to sit in the movie theater! How did snacks and drinks work for that long? Haha!

Patrice said...

I haven't seen Tree of Life, and I guess I won't now...LOL! I LOVED the Descendants.

Tracy said...

Sorry you had to work today :(
Thanks for the movie reviews :)

Sue from Oregon said...

The only way I can sit still for a movie is to go to the movie house. That marathon sounds like fun! I saw the horse/war movie. Did not like it much either-I thought it was somewhat along the lines of what your hubby thought(although too violent for kids) I don't mind kids movies at all but the mix did not work for me. I saw the Descendants last weekend and thought it was okay. But having just lost a dear friend, I think I was not in the right frame of mind.Everyone else thought it was good. I am more of a comedy girl. Saw the new movie with Reese Witherspoon Sunday-very funny!

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