Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Surprises

AJ and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on Saturday this year. He made reservations for dinner, but wouldn't tell me where we were going!

I really wanted to get my hair done for Valentine's Day, but I knew it was going to be expensive, so I was putting off making the appointment. But then, Mops Beauty Shop was having a contest on facebook where you sent in the story of how you met, and you could win a free up do for Valentine's Day! Of course, I sent in our story.

Which I'll now tell you! (Aww, see how excited I am. I'll even give you two versions to chose from depending on how much time you have!)

The short version:
AJ and I met in a flash riot.

The long version:
I was in Philly with a co worker at the National Science Teachers Association conference, and we had gone to South Street for dinner and to hang out. We were on our way back to our hotel when she said she needed to use the bathroom, so we stopped in this slight sketchy bar and bought a beer so she could use the bathroom there.

The next thing I knew, the big open windows were shut and locked, and the front door was shut and locked, and the bouncer wouldn't let anyone leave! 

I went over to the bouncer to find out what was happening - a riot had broken out. Philly had a rash of flash riots in early 2010, they are sort of the same thing as a flash mob, only instead of dancing or having a pillow fight, these are actually dangerous. I heard this one started because Rita's ran out of italian ices. We were put into lock down to keep us safe!

When I came back, the boys who had been sitting next to us asked us what the bouncer had said, and we all started talking. AJ was one of those boys.

We met up for brunch the next day before I had to go back to New York, and he started texting me on the drive back (disclaimer: I wasn't driving, my co worker was!) Almost two years later, here we are in Chicago!

Our story won! I got a free up do for our Valentine's Day date!

I loooved how Khloe did my hair, I was worried that shorter hair is harder to put up, but she did a great job and I loved how it turned out!!

After I got home, we got dressed up to go to our secret dinner reservation! I felt very fancy with my special up do and my sequins on the top of my dress. You can't really see them here, but the whole top part was sequiney.
(My camera died right after I took this picture!)

When we got in the cab, I found out where we were going for dinner - AJ had made reservations at Benny's Chop House! I was so excited, I just love steak houses, the food is always so good, and the atmosphere is usually so cool! It was so much fun. The food was absolutely delicious and the restaurant was so beautiful and played the best music (all classic rock!). We had such a great time. And when we got home, we had ice cream!

And on Sunday...we did nothing! We just sat around and watched trashy TV and baked sugar cookies! It was so nice to have a relaxing weekend, perfect to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow, I'm going to make a special dinner (AJ's favorite chicken parmesean) and a crazy dessert I pinned on Pinterest...I hope it turns out yummy! But if it doesn't, there's always extra sugar cookies for back up!

I hope you all had a nice weekend too! I can't believe its Monday already!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great post today! and congrats on the free haircut --looks awesome! glad you guys had fun this weekend!

Becky said...

How cool is that, you know that you won!!!! Of course, with that story, how could you not? Glad you had a great dinner and your hair looked awesome! Have a great night tomorrow night :)

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Fun that you won!!!
That must have been scary, but at least something good came out of it :)
And your hair looked cute.
We celebrated Valentine's day on Saturday this year, too, since my parents were watching the kids.

Tracy said...

Congrats on the winning...your hair looks gorgeous. so do the both of you ;)
As for how you know i read the long version ;) Cute story. I would kind of freak out getting locked in.
I think hubby and I will go out for lunch tomorrow :P said...

Aww I love your story (except the scary flash mob riot--but then you probably wouldn't have met AJ). I remember them! That is so cool that you won the updo!! What a special Valentine's all sounded amazing and you did look fancy w/ your updo and sequins!! Can't wait to see this pinterest dessert you keep teasing us with.

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