Friday, April 13, 2012

Take 12: April

Yesterday was April 12, which meant it was Take 12 day with Ella Publishing Co. Only I almost forgot! I remembered in the morning when I woke up and put my camera in my bag, but was in a rush to get to the doctor for a check up that I forgot to take pictures until I was running errands!

1. Running errands 2. My favorite cheap delivery pizza place had a buy one pizza, get a little pizza free! I'm set for the rest of the week now :) 3. Spending time checking out Wedding Bee!
4. Enjoying a cup of tea with honey in it 5. Waking up after a nap feeling refreshed, but still in couch cuddling mood! 6. Supplies for my first official wedding craft!
7. Trying out the paint colors - I love the orange and the green on the right together 8. Creating a template for my banner with my eclips 9. So worried the paint would run under my template
10. It didn't! I love my "Save the Date" banner. 11. Starting to cut out out pieces for my next banner, but feeling a little tired, so it will stay like that until tomorrow 12. Heating up some pizza for dinner (at 10pm!)

I have to say, I may be the only person who is disappointed that it is Friday! That means my spring break is almost over, and I still have lots to do (more crafting, some work, spring cleaning, finding a dress for next weekend!), I am so not ready for break to end! But, for everyone else who had a busy week - yay Friday!!!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

love all our activities!!

have a great weekend said...

Sorry your spring break is coming to an end. It does go too quickly!! Hope you find a dress and get all of your other projects done too. I love your save the date banner!! Where are you hanging it?
Mmmm that pizza looks good!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Love your banner!
Fun photos for 12 on 12!

Becky said...

Oh man, that pizza looks SO good!!!! Of course I haven't eaten my oatmeal yet... I absolutely love those colors for your banner, and is that canvas it's on? Super cool!

MG Atwood said...

Busy, busy. Try to enjoy the weekend and recharge before you hit the classroom.

Patrice said...

Beautiful summary of the week!

Tracy said...

I love these posts :)
I read "first official wedding cake" then saw the paints, lol.
Isn't that the best just lazing around after a nap :)

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