Thursday, April 19, 2012


*Thank God Its Weekend Eve!

Last week, my mom bought the Digest Diet book and was raving about it.

On Tuesday, AJ and I decided to try the diet.

Basically, this diet has three phases, in the first phase (which lasts 4 days) you have two fruit shakes, one bowl of soup one veggie based snack a day. This phases ends on Friday for us! So I couldn't be happier that it is weekend eve and I'm almost allowed to eat real food again!

I really like having the shakes in the morning, because its so easy! AJ and I make them the night before, and we grab one in the morning (in our adorable sippy cups we got from the grocery store) and away we go!

The soup is kind of yummy. Its called Mexican Chicken soup. AJ really likes it, but I'm not such a big fan. But, it fills me up, and I only have to eat it two more times (today for lunch and tomorrow!)

The issue is after school. I can pretty much keep it together on a shake/soup/simple veggie snack, but when it gets to after school and dinner time, I crave carbs. In a "I want carbs and I want them right now - pizza, pasta, macaroni and cheese, cheerios, anything!!!" kind of way. I do not like not having a real meal for dinner. A real sit down eat something with a fork kind of meal, not a shake! But, its only two more days - and I've already lost 3 lbs, so I can't complain too much :)

Since the diet is working, last night, AJ and I decided to distract ourselves from my desire for carbs by watching "Mama's Boys of the Bronx". That was a bad choice. They have more pasta and bread on that all looks so yummy! I almost jumped through the TV to eat some of that pasta...

I cannot wait until Saturday morning, when I can eat real food again :)

Have you ever tried some crazy diet? Did you have success on it?


Brooke said...

YIKES...that sounds tough. Hang in there Sister ;D

Schell said...

Wow, sounds rough! The only time I was on a "diet" was when I was in my teens. It was a weight gain diet consisting of protein shakes and baby food desserts ordered by my Doctor, Not fun! Good Luck! Hugs!

Sue from Oregon said...

I am a lifer at WW! My daughter is doing this juice diet...juicing veggies and fruit together. She sayyyyyyys it's good, but sounds gross to me! said... guys have some great will power!!! You are almost there and can eat real foods again!! You don't need to be on a diet anyway!!!

Becky said...

You're so close! But seriously girl, you're so tiny anyway!

Tracy said...

Diet, Diet, what the heck do you need to diet for, you look great!!!!
No I have never tried a diet in my life. With me always being tiny I didn't get to 100 lbs until I was well into my 1st pregnancy, lol.
Can't say the same for now though, lol.

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