Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Week in the Life 2012: Friday

I was so happy that Friday was finally here! Of course, I woke up late and then immediately realized I forgot to make a lunch the night before, so I don't have any pictures from the morning. Getting out the door was so crazy I just forgot to pick up my camera! I do have some pictures from later in the day though :)

1:30pm: Hanging out in my classroom. A few minutes before this, I got an invite to prom in my mailbox, except where it had the cost for teachers, it was crossed out and "chaperone" was written in! I didn't realize I was chaperoning! I guess I need a dress now :)

 3:30pm: Packing up some grading to bring home for the weekend.

5:30pm: Walking home from yoga. The weather was super gray and about to rain...which it totally did later than night!
5:40pm: Still walking home. I just really like my pink cup :)

6:00pm: Got a package from Pick Your Plum. Yay!

8:00pm: We finally ordered, so now we can watch our games. I can even get the Mets home channel, which is awesome, because I love their announcers!

9:00pm: No picture, but we went to bed super early! And then the debacle (ummmm, the Mets gave up 11 runs in the 5th) began. I was glad I wasn't watching when that happened!

Well, AJ and I are off to Macy's! I'll see you all tomorrow :)

5 comments: said...

Did you get your cleaning done? I had a super lazy day because I stayed up to wait for my daughter to get home from prom and it was late (or early).
Your shoes are super cute! Did you find a dress for prom yet? Sorry about your Mets, good thing it's a longgggg season!

Adrienne said...

Cute shoes! That walk looks so "from a movie". :)

Becky said...

Loving those flats! I have a cup that I love too and would totally take a pic of it I was doing week in the life. Maybe I should take a pic of it for PL? Does AJ get to go to prom with you?

MG Atwood said...

Being a chaperone should be fun. Try not to roll your eyes too many times! Oh I hate it when a team gives it away like that.!

Tracy said...

Great photos.
I love your pink glass. I haven't found one that doesn't taste like plastic. I have very delicate taste buds, lol.

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