Friday, June 8, 2012

Project Life 25 {Week 3}

Yay! We did it! We made it until Friday! Tonight is my high school's graduation ceremony. I will be attending and processing in with the other teachers. I've never taught at a small school where all of the teachers were present at graduation, so that should be fun!

I'm finally all caught up with my Project Life sharing. Since I'm on a different schedule, this week is my Week 4, and I'm sharing my Week 3.

I've been trying really hard to record all of my Project Life thoughts/ideas/journaling on Sunday night, and then I have my pictures printed out whenever I can. I just use lots of post its to show where I want my pictures to go, which is an idea I got from Becky. It works really well, thanks Becky!

On Friday of Week 3, Johan Santana threw the first ever Mets no hitter! I was out to dinner with a friend of mine for her birthday, and I was freaking out! I'm still in shock that it happened! So in honor of this huge accomplishment, I took a step back from using my Cobalt kit, and did a Mets theme for my first page and insert.

For my first page, I used two really large pictures from the Mets facebook page (the Mets get all of the credit for these pictures, I didn't take them, just printed them out and stuck them in my book!) I also did a summary of each day of my week, in blue and orange of course!

I decided to use inserts again this week, but instead of inserting pictures, I printed out a bunch of articles about the no hitter and included them. I would have like to have used a cut out from the actual newspaper, but we don't get Newsday here in Chicago, and that's the only paper I would have used! You can see just how many articles I used here. Since I had 7 pages of articles, but 8 sides of pages to show, I included the box score with all of the details of the game on the back.

On the second page, I decided to show the pictures from the week.
Top row: 1. Huge Reese's Cups from the Hershey's store on Michigan. We very sadly didn't buy them. 2. PL Cobalt Kit card + making memories stickers. 3. A pretty fountain and building we saw on our walk.
Middle row: 1. Pizzas for our class pizza party. 2. PL card + PL stickers (numbers and arrows) + other random letter stickers from my stash
Bottom row: 1. Farmers' Market 2. My favorite croissants from the market 3. Stuffed mushrooms, AJ's favorite! 4. A close up of the layout I was working on Sunday.

Well, that is it for me and Project Life for this week! Next week, I am going to share some of my layouts from my St. Lucia vacation album! I'm also thinking I'm going to share my PL pages every Friday (for the week before). So far, I've been able to get them finished up pretty fast, but I'm hoping that can stay consistent during the summer!

Do you have any crafty plans this weekend?


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

congratulations on the end of the year!
That is such a good feeling :)

And wow! a No Hitter!
I love how you added the articles inside with inserts.

I just officially started our Project Life this week.
I took a few photos over the week and have a notebook where I jot down notes everyday. I want to work on it Sunday nights after Mike leaves for the week. We'll see how well I do keeping up :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

looking good!! said...

I think you better give the Phillies an equal page now. ;)
I love your page with all of the food. Yummy on the stuffed mushrooms! My favorite too! Have fun at graduation. It's nice when all of the teachers go. I hope your foot is ok, though. Take it easy!

Whimcees said...


Great photo pages! I watched 'Moneyball' last night with Brad Pitt - not a bad way to spend the evening - and can understand your excitement of Santana's accomplishment! Wishing you all good things this weekend!


Barbara Diane

Patrice said...

Love what you did with the Mets pictures!

Becky said...

So happy the post its are working for you too! :) I absolutely LOVE your page this week! Super cool!! Hope the graduation went well!

Tracy said...

More great pages Katie.
I love to see what you are doing with your project life.
Sharing them on a regular day would help you stay on top of it :)

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