Tuesday, June 12, 2012

St. Lucia Vacation Album {Part 1}

Two Christmases ago, my mom gave me a vacation scrapbook kit from Paper Boutique. I tried to find it online so I could show you what came with it, but they don't have the exact one anymore. This is their new updated version. Mine had a book, 20 patterned paper, four pages of stickers (cardstock, dimensional, and vellum) and a page of letter stickers.

My mom had purchased it for me thinking that we were moving to South Carolina, the palm trees and beaches would have been perfect for that! But then we moved to Chicago, so I set the book aside for a special occasion.

When we went to St. Lucia, I realized the book/kit would be perfect for our visit!

I spent all day one Sunday working on the book while AJ watched some big golf thing.

I love the blues on the cover of the album. I decided not to replace to chair picture with one of us, because I like the chairs a lot!

This page is all about leaving and traveling to St. Lucia. I used my new Smash book date stamp that I got at Target to put the date on all of the journaling! I was so so excited to find that stamp, I've been looking for it everywhere and didn't realize they had it at Target!

Well, that's all for me today. I'm off to work for an end of the year celebration from 9-11. Then I get to come home and scrapbook for a little bit before we go pick up AJ's car at the garage! Only 2 more days of school left, I cannot wait for summer! 

Have a great Tuesday :)


ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

What a cool date stamp! That is perfect for you!! Sounds like a fun day at work today. I love that chair photo too, no wonder you didn't want to replace it.

Becky said...

This book is perfect for your St Lucia trip!!! I love the first page :) Hope you have a fun day today!

Tracy said...

Great album and I love your first page.
I thought you took that photo of the chair ;)

Daniel Hirsch said...

this album is enough for know about the st lucia. and the front page of the album is looking very nice.st lucia holiday

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