Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dress Shopping Part 1

This has been a crazy week. My parents came into town Saturday night, while AJ and I were at the concert. We've been doing lots of sightseeing, but we took a break on Monday to go dress shopping.

Before we left, my mom had a special present for me...

A bride dress pin! Its a little hard to see in the picture, but its a white dress that says "I'm the bride!" She had a purple dress that said "I'm the Mother of the Bride" and a pink one for my bridesmaid, Allie, that said "I'm the bridesmaid". (She even got one for my maid of honor, who lives in New York, so that she could feel included if we were able to use face time to show her some dresses at Nordstrom, but we couldn't due to technical difficulties.)

Our first stop was Macy's at 10am. So we got there around 9:30, and Macy's was still closed!

So we window shopped...

And I got an iced tea lemonade to calm my nerves a bit!

But then Allie got to Macy's, and the doors opened and it was time to go inside!

To be honest, I was a little concerned about going to Macy's. I was afraid that because it was a store I shopped in all the time, I wouldn't feel special there.

I was totally wrong!

The bridal suite was tucked away down a hallway and very secluded. I totally forgot we were even in a Macy's!

You can see how pretty the suite was here... 

Because we had such an early appointment, my mom, my bridesmaid, Allie, and I were the only people who were there! It was nice to have the suite all to ourselves.

My consultant, Teresa, was awesome! Seriously, if you are going dress shopping in Chicago, go to her!

I brought a few pictures with me, and showed them to her. She spent a long time studying each picture in great detail. Then, she said, "From your pictures, I gather that you are looking for a dress that is romantic and classic, with a touch of drama and a hint of sexiness." She couldn't have said it more perfectly!

Macy's does not allow pictures in the salon, so I will show you the pictures that I showed Teresa. She did put me in some of these exact dresses!
After Teresa and I decided we were on the same page about what type of dresses I wanted, she set me up in a fitting room to get ready while she pulled a few dresses for me. 

As she brought in the dresses, still in the garment bags, I could see one (in its bag) and I thought "That's my wedding dress." Of course, it was the first one she put me in. Every dress I tried on after was compared to that one. At the end of the appointment, she put me back in "the first dress" and added a veil and a blusher, and that was it. My mom was crying, and I knew for sure that it was the dress. (Hint hint - its one of the 8 above!)

But, we still had an appointment at Nordstrom later that day. I still wanted to go, because it was the first dress, and I'd been saying all along, "I bet you its the first dress I try on!", I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was right!

So after a quick bite to eat, we headed over there, where they did allow us to take pictures. Which I'll share with you tomorrow!!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh what fun and those dresses are so beautiful!!!!!!!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

So fun! And you have great taste. Those are gorgeous dresses :)
Isn't funny how that first dress is so momentous :)

MG Atwood said...

ALL of those gowns are beautiful. Which ever one you choose, you will look va va va BOOM in! Can't wait to see more shots. check out my little bride from the weekend. said...

Oh Katie they are all beautiful and you are going to be a stunning bride in whichever one you choose!! This is such fun, going dress shopping with you! I LOVE the pins your mom made! How special! Great shot of you and your mom too. The bridal salon did look very elegant and fancy. I'm glad you felt special!!

Love that skirt you were wearing. Teresa's summation of your dress style sounded spot on!! She sounds very good at what she does!

Becky said...

OMG, you're killing me! Haha! Those dresses are absolutely beautiful and they all scream "Katie" to me! I can't wait for part II!!!! You and your mom are just adorable together and the pins she brought for all of you were the sweetest thing ever! Thank you for sharing this with us :)

angela said...

You would look gorgeous in any of those dresses!

Tracy said...

Those dresses are gorgeous, you have great taste girl.
Sadly I can't see the photos of what your mom gave you, I will have to check it out when I get home or on Wayne's iPhone as the internet here is slow and not uploading them.
I am so excited to see you in them :)

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