Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Go Jump in the Lake Layout

When my parents were here, we decided to go to the lake on Wednesday afternoon before we went out for dinner. We didn't bring our bathing suits, but the lake was so so warm, we decided to go in anyway!

I love this Echo Park paper, its called Splash. I used it last year for another ocean layout I made last year, but when I just went to link to it - I realized I had never posted it here! So I will be doing that tomorrow :)

So, I know this saying doesn't really mean something nice in real life, but I thought it was cute for this layout!

I really like this fish from the "Pack Your Bags" Cricut cartridge. I used a bunch of O's and their middles from an alphabet set to make the bubbles coming from his mouth. I just love the sparkles!

I have to clean today. Yesterday, I was planning on cleaning and doing laundry, but when I was doing laundry, I didn't realize there was a pen in AJ's pocket. It exploded all over two pairs of his jeans, a white towel and the dryer! So instead of cleaning, I spent forever trying to get the pen stains out!

Now I have to clean today! It isn't much, but we are having company again this weekend (well, AJ is, I'll be home in New York!) This has been such a busy month!

Do you find that things get crazy for you in the summer, or are the more relaxed?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

love the fish bubbles!! so cute! great job!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

So cute!
I love all the waves in your design.
Great movement :)

We are more relaxed in the summer but in a crazy way. Does that make sense (lol)
I have actually been pretty happy with how the summer has gone so far. Keeping busy doing fun things, but with just enough relaxation time thrown in. Just as it should be :)

Jules said...

Love the layouts! And yes, summer always seems to be super busy...I actually look forward to my son going back to school so that we can get on a better schedule. My son...not so much!

Christina said...

I love this-that Echo Park line is one of my favorites. I used it to scrap our whole vacation last year. said...

That fish is so cute with the little bubbles!! It's a perfect page to use Go Jump in a Lake on!!
I"m much more relaxed in the summer even though we are busy with different things.
That is awful about the pen in the jeans! Uggh! I feel your pain!!

Becky said...

This is so cute!! I love those glittery O's!!

Tracy said...

Cute layout :)
I like that you used the "o"'s for the bubbles, very creative.
I too have gone in the lake with my clothes on....usually it is after a long walk/jog, lol

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