Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fireworks Night on Navy Pier

Every summer, Navy Pier has a fireworks display on Wednesday and Saturday nights. AJ and I can see it from our window, so we watch it all the time.

But, we'd never seen the fireworks from the Pier before.

Since the fireworks are ending Saturday (while we are in New York!) and we won't be here next summer, we walked over to Navy Pier last night to see them!

I've never seen fireworks so close before! It was very cool!

Top: View from dinner
Middle: Chicago Skyline ~ City Porch pop up restaurant, it really did feel like we were on a porch! ~ AJ being pensive ~ Enjoying the live band before the fireworks start ~ Stopping at the beer garden
Bottom: ~Fireworks ~ More fireworks ~ Even more fireworks! ~ AJ and I ~ The grand finale of fireworks!

I have to say though - I was torn between just watching the show and photographing it. So I did both, sometimes I got good pictures (ummmm, less of the time), sometimes I watched closely (more of the time), but never did both well at the same time!

Are you ever torn between photographing an event and just being in the moment and watching it?

8 comments: said...

I feel like that a lot. I try and do a little of both, like you said. Love the shot of you and AJ. A pop up restaurant sounds so cool! said...
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Mary Pat Siehl said...

awesome photos! and how fun to watch them from the pier!!

almostneverclever said...

Yup, and when I want to live in the moment and not behind my camera, I usually hand the camera to my husband.

Tracy said...

This sounds like such a wonderful evening.
I think your photos turned out stunning.
As for documenting and living in the moment, yes we have to find the happy medium. For me its more about writing about the moment. I am scared I am going to forget something and I want to remember every single detail of mine and my families life

MG Atwood said...

Great job on the fireworks shots! I am constantly doing both. I guess I rationalize it as I have the proof in the photo for later. Ha ha..multi tasking at it's finest! Happy week katie, and enjoy what Chicago has for you, while it's there.

Christina said...

This is me. Every time we are watching fireworks. :)
How cool is it to watch them off Navy Pier!!

Becky said...

These are awesome pictures, but I know exactly what you mean about being torn. This happens to me ALL the time!

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