Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast Candles

School starts today! Well, for the new teachers it does, the students still have about a week and a half of summer left!

But, the start of school has got me thinking about fall.

AJ and I went to the Dollar Tree this week and picked up some votive candle holders. I originally had another idea for these candles, but they were much wider than I thought, so I had to change it up!

I already have a "give thanks" decoration, so I wanted something different, and it had to be 5 letters or less. Fortunately, AJ came up with the word "feast". Yay!

These were actually super easy to make!

First, I cleaned the votives using rubbing alcohol.

Then, I cut out the letters using my sizzix eclips Christmas and Traditions font. I ran them through a Xyron with temporary adhesive and placed them where I wanted my letters to show up.

After that, it was just painting left. First, I tried painting them with a mix of modge podge and a little brown paint and brown glitter, but I didn't love how it looked. So, while the modge podge/paint was still wet, I covered everything with fall colored glitter.

I pulled the letters off and let it dry overnight. The glitter was shedding a little but, so I covered it all with a clear coat of modge podge the next afternoon, and now the glitter isn't shedding anymore!

I can't wait to get the right candles and see how it looks all lit up, but for now, they are packed away until after Halloween!

Well, I am off to the first day of school! Do you have any first day of school traditions? My mom always used to take a picture of us on the first day of school, but AJ's already at work, so there is no one to take pictures!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh i love these!! very creative! i so love home decor pieces right now!

Becky said...

These look so cool Katie! Love how they turned out!! We always took a picture on the first day too and now i do the same with the girls. Hope your day was fantastic!

Jules said...

These are so cute! Hope you are having a great first day back at school!

sandee said...

You will have to have a new tradition like having AJ take your picture the day after school is over, lol I hope he is feeling better! The cnadle holders look great! waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida ;0

Christina said...

So that's what you were making!! :)
Love this! I would have made a ginormous mess with that much glitter! I am seriously glitter challenged! :)
Hope your first day was awesome. I make our boys line up for pictures in the same spot every year. I love seeing how much they've grown! (they aren't big fans of all of the pictures.)

ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

These turned out so pretty!! Great idea!!
I have to admit I'm starting to look forward to all things fall even though I'm not ready for summer to end!
You need to use your self timer for your first day of school photo. I always try and get a photo of the kids on the first day of school...it was easier when they were younger!!

Tracy said...

These are awesome.
They turned out so cool, I bet they look even better with the candle light shining through the sparkle.
We never had any type of traditions, but I always take a photo of the girls on their first day of school, with a sign that says the date and what year they are in.
They hated doing it as they got older though, lol.

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