Thursday, September 27, 2012

Right Now {September 2012}

Last week, Ali Edwards proposed the idea of creating a "right now" post in her newsletter. I feel like every week I am making a right now layout with Project Life. I will probably use these words for my PL journaling for Week 20.

Right now, I am...

Loving the fall weather. Hot chocolate and sweaters and leggings and boots and scarves with no jackets and watching the leaves change from my classroom window.

Savoring our last fall here in Chicago, before the big move to Baton Rouge (whenever it happens...)

Looking forward to starting again.

So grateful to the parents at my school. They keep our faculty room stocked with tea, coffee, sodas and granola bars. Perfect for the days when I forget my lunch at home.

Trying to change my eating habits for the better.

Training for a 5k.

Excited about teaching. Watching my kids get excited about science and really interact with the material has been awesome this year. (The balloon demo is a particular favorite of mine - the kids are amazed when I am able to stick a skewer all the way through a balloon without it popping!)

Creating for school. This banner will adorn our faculty cook off table. There are no points for best table decorations, but I love this!

De-cluttering my craft table (and hopefully my mind).

Planning for my first contributor post at A Beautiful Day.

Enjoying commuting to work with AJ.

Thankful that AJ always remembers to make me a cup of tea when he makes his coffee in the morning.

Reflecting on our Pre Cana experience.

Printing the Save The Dates, to be mailed out next month!

Anxiously awaiting our wedding day.


Mary Pat Siehl said...

wow my friend you are one busy girl right now!! but it all looks awesome!

Sandi Keene said...

Happy wedding planning!

Ms. Howe said...

Getting married, teaching AND project life? WOW! You are amazing!

Josie said...

Fall is my favorite season!
Enjoy wedding planning : )

sandee said...

You are so cute, love the outfit with the leggings, and you are training for a 5K, wow, that's awesome, you go girl!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Heather said...

You are busy RIGHT NOW! Wow!! So many great things happening for you. It's wonderful! I love that outfit on you. Perfect for fall! You look awesome!!
The banner looks should win a prize for that! What are you going to make for the cook off?

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness I love this post :)
Love that photo of you :)
So many things happening for you right now, so exciting.
Lovin' the coke photo ;)

Becky said...

You want to know what's funny about this post? I saw Ali's re-tweet of your tweet! Hahahaha! I was like, hey, I know that girl! You look so cute in that pic, love your fun tights! I wonder what the weather will be like in Baton Rouge? Probably quite different from Chicago. Loved your post :)

Brooke said...

Love that you enjoy commuting with your fiance. I'm pretty sure my hubby and I would give anything for 5 minutes to chat.

I have a new camera on it's way. So excited!!

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