Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pink ATG Gun

A few weeks ago, I went a little crazy at Michaels - with coupons of course!

They had two awesome coupons, 40% off any one item, and 20% off your entire purchase.

I really wanted the pink ATG gun. I'd been hesitant to buy it before, because its a big upfront cost, but it saves so much in the end on adhesive - so I decided that if they let me use my 40% coupon for it, and then my 20% coupon for everything else I'd buy it.

Shockingly, they let me use both! I was so excited!

Apparently, as long as you are using two different coupons, you are allowed to split your order up and use them both. Its only when you want to use the same coupon twice that you aren't allowed to do that. That's something to keep in mind :)

When I got home, I really wanted to alter it a bit, just to make it a little more fun (of course, it was already really fun because it was pink!)

I decided to use some of the awesome pink papers I won in Christina's giveaway.

I decided to alter that little cardboard piece that tells you how to replace the tape. If I didn't alter it and keep it there, I'd probably lose it and be lost on tape replacement forever! The heart paper, and those pretty flowers are just so cheerful! The sentiment at the top says "A;ways take time to play every single day!" And ever since I've decorated this - I have scrapbooked every single day!

Do you have an ATG gun? How do you like it?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh you are going to love your atg- i have had mine for over 6 years now and it is so awesome!! love how you altered it!! great job

sandee said...

I don't think Michaels knows what it's doing half the time, cause I had to fight them to use 2 different coupons at the same time at our store :( I also don't use dry glue, I'm a wet glue girl, lol That does explain a lot, doesn't it? lol waving hi from the chilly hills of North Carolina :)

MG Atwood said...

Aren't you the clever one! Nice buy.

Christina said...

I love, love, love my ATG gun-I use it ALL the time. :)
And ummmm...why didn't I think to alter the insert? I altered the front of it and all of my cute little flowers are coming off.
Yours looks awesome!
(And 2 years after buying mine-I STILL refer to the sheet that tells you how to load it. LOL)

Jules said...

I am so jealous! I feel like a spend a small fortune on tape runners...I should really look into this. I love how you gave it some pizazz!!!! Also, I did get your post, but I have been traveling and am just buried. Can't wait to get it posted on Thursday. Have a great day!

Heather said...

I'm going to have to look into this gun! Since I ran out of my Creative Memories stuff, I've been trying to find a tape runner that I like. This looks amazing! So cute, how you altered it!

Becky said...

Katie this looks SO adorable! I just love it!! I bought my pink ATG awhile back and I am so happy I did. Haven't regretted it one bit :)

Tracy said...

She is so pretty.
I have the red one which I did alter, out of necessity as it was sticky and I used some product to get the glue globs off and it weakened the plastic.
So had to cover it up.
But I also have the pink one (it was gifted it to me). Each on takes different width of adhesive.
Oh ya, I finally mailed off your give away. Sorry it took so long.

Dawn said...

Is it hard to maneuver? Looks so huge in the picture.

Tonia L said...

Cool! I want one of those!

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