Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gingerbread Wreath {Part 2}

Happy Election Day everyone!

I hope you are able to go out and vote.

I'm not allowed this year :( I thought I was still registered in New York, as that is where my driver's license says I live. But I never got my absentee ballot, which I assumed was due to Hurricane Sandy. So I called and asked why it never came.

They told me because I paid my taxes in Chicago (even though I paid New York State on them!) I am no longer allowed to vote in New York. Apparently, mail was sent to my parents about this, but they never saw it!

So, I called Chicago and explained what happened. They told me I could vote provisionally, as I obviously hadn't registered in Chicago believing I was registered in New York. 

They told me I could vote provisionally...until they found out my license is from New York. Then they said I had to vote in New York.

I called New York back and they said I had to vote in Chicago. 

I would like to know why, if neither state will allow me to vote, I paid taxes to both!

PS. AJ is in the exact same situation, and Jersey let him file an absentee ballot!

End rant.

Moving on to the gingerbread wreath!

Yesterday, I posted a template and a shopping list for the wreath.

Last night, I attempted to make it.

The first thing I did was start wrapping the Styrofoam wreath with the ribbon. It was looking great. Until I realized in my haste at Michael's I grabbed the 4 yard spool of ribbon, not the 10 yard spool. I didn't have nearly enough ribbon to cover everything!

Of course, I decided all was lost.

So I cut out and puff painted all my gingerbread men instead.

While they dried I tried to come up with a different solution.

I tried using red fabric to cover up the styrofoam, but that wasn't going great.

So I tried to wrap it with yarn, but it was taking forever. In almost 30 minutes, I'd done less that 1/8 of wreath!

Then I went back to the red fabric.

I figured it out, and the wreath was looking good. I even edged the outside with the green ribbon (that I hadn't bought enough of to wrap). But then, I tried to edge the inside circle with the green ribbon, and that did not work.

After a minor freak out, AJ suggested using cotton balls in the center, kind of like a Santa hat.

So that's what I did!
I think I might want to put something in between the gingerbread men, like peppermint candies or candy canes. But I haven't decided if I actually want to do that or not...

Either way, I love these little gingerbread guys!

Do you ever have a total craft fail, but then saved it? Or had someone else in your family save it?


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

How cute!!
My craft fails are usually just craft fails (lol)

And how crummy about not being able to vote. That is just not right!!

sandee said...

I always thought that you were suppose to ( by law ) to get a driver's license for the area you were living in. That your car had to be registered too. But what do I know. Shame you couldn't vote :( Your gingerbread wreath is looking cute, the picture of them drying looked like they were on a baking sheet! waving hi from the the hills of North Carolina :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

ok LOVE this!! super super cute!!

Becky said...

What a bummer :( That really, really stinks! (about voting) Your wreath, on the other hand, is absolutely adorable!!!!! Good job to AJ for the suggestion!

Whimcees said...


This is a great wreath - I love it! The red goes well with the gingerbread guys and I like the cotton balls - creative idea AJ! I agree that to put something in between the gingerbread will add a pop of color - bright red or green with a bit of white? Love it! We had SNOW her in this part of WI today - I am so NOT ready for this! Wishing you a great day!


Barbara Diane

Heather said...

That turned out really cute! AJ to the rescue!! He had a great idea with the cotton balls!! That stinks about you not being able to vote in either state! Doesn't sound fair to me!!!

Tracy said...

I have a craft fail, more times than not...but I consider it a way to just be more creative ;)
Your little men as so cute.
Good for AJ for saving the day :)
I love the idea of peppermint candies in between the gingerbread men. Even thought it looks great just like this

Dawn said...

Boo to the voting situation, but your wreath turned out great!

Jules said...

The wreath is looking great although I think some little candies might add a little punch. The little men are so cute! Sorry about the voting situation....that is just wrong!

Christina said...

That voting debacle is SO not cool. But that wreath is fabulous-printing out the supply list and convincing some of the Lakes boys to make this with me this weekend. :)

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