Friday, November 16, 2012

Project Life 25 {Week 23}

Yay! Today actually is Friday! And I have internet access again after it went out yesterday! That is definitely something to celebrate!

And, we are taking finals at my school today - so I'm really celebrating :) I hate the crazy week leading up to finals, but I love final exam day. Its such a nice relaxing day (for the teachers, at least!)

So, I'm taking a one day break from the Thanksgiving mini album to bring you our regularly scheduled Project Life page!

Top Row: The very small pumpkin patch we went to - over two hours away!
Middle Row: AJ and I at the pumpkin patch
Bottom Row: The view from my classroom, I loved watching the leaves change. Of course, they are all gone now, which is another beautiful view. ~ The pumpkins we picked up at the patch

Top Row: AJ bringing me an umbrella on an unexpectedly rainy day. This storm started while I was on the L on my way home. I called him to come get me at the L stop with the car, but he preferred to walk and bring me an umbrella - I think he got very wet though! ~ One of my favorite fall outfits ~ The organ at our church. It is huge and very very loud!
Middle Row: The view from our roof
Bottom Row: The city in the rain ~ A candle I just love ~ More pictures of our church. I really think it is just so pretty!

We are having a "friends-giving" tomorrow, and I'm really excited to celebrate with everyone. AJ and I weren't able to fly home for Thanksgiving this year, so it will be nice to take part in a Thanksgiving feast!

Do you ever celebrate holidays with friends? This will be a first for me!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

looks awesome! have a great weekend

Becky said...

What a fun fall project life week! That was sweet of AJ to walk to you with the umbrella :) I'm sorry you guys weren't able to fly home for Thanksgiving, but that's so cool you have plans with friends!! Just think, this is your last "single" Thanksgiving!!!!!

Christina said...

Great layout-that picture of AJ bringing you the umbrella is so cool-being able to capture moments like that is really what PL is all about.
(You are soooo making me want to try it again next year!)
I haven't bought my turkey yet and my whole family will be at my house on Thursday-I'm really hoping Kroger's will have something left tonight! :)

Jules said...

Really fun PL week....and I giggled out loud remembering your pumpkin patch adventure. Sorry that you guys can't fly home, but wonderful that you can celebrate with friends! Have a great weekend!

sandee said...

This will be the first Thanksgiving in a while that I am not doing anything! And I am happy about it too! I can't wait to camp out and watch the parade, never been able to do that before with traveling and having lots of relatives around. I'm staying in my pj's and watching Tv all day! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Tracy said...

As always great project life pages :)
Sorry about not spending the holidays with family, but if not family, then friends are the next best thing.
As you know we have already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada, but next weekend I will be celebrating our Fakesgiving ;)

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