Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Daily {Saturday, December 22 + Sunday, December 23}

The two days before Christmas were crazy! We were hosting Christmas Eve at my house, so we had tons of last minute errands to run. But isn't that how it always is when you are hosting?

We needed lots of random things, like taper candles and a new wallet (thank you hot chocolate that exploded in my bag!). But it was fun going to the mall and running errands with my parents!

Plus, we got to do some fun Christmas-y things too! Saturday night, after dinner, we drove around to check out the lights!

Do you find yourself running around like crazy just before a party?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh i love time with family!! your photos are awesome!!

Becky said...

Hot chocolate on your wallet??? Oh no! Sounds like a couple of crazy, but wonderful days :) I love the Santa cupcakes, super cute! We had Christmas Eve here too, but the only thing I needed was ice and Mom and Dad stopped on their way and picked that up for us.

sandee said...

Christmas dishes...are they Cutherberson or Spode? They are almost identical! ( I have Cutherberson ) Couldn't help but spy it on the table, lol The decorated house sure looked pretty! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Tracy said...

Awww your cupcakes are adorable.
My SIL love to go to the mall in the hustle and bustle...but only when we are totally complete with our shopping, we like to watch everyone else panic, teehee.
So nice that you got to continue your family tradition of putting up the lights together.

Heather said...

It all sounds like fun, even running to the mall when it was so busy!! The houses all looked so pretty! I love those Santa cupcakes--how cute! Everything looked so nice for Christmas Eve. I think it's great about your tradition of putting the lights up together. Yes, we are always running around and doing last minute things before a party! We went to Pier 1 on Christmas Eve because I had to have water goblets!! 15 of them!

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