Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Daily {Saturday, December 8 + Sunday, December 9}

Happy Tuesday!

Its a happy Tuesday for me, because I'm home. I've decided to focus on that silver lining instead of the stitches in my leg.

Now, they really aren't a big deal. I just had a weird thing that I wanted to get taken off before the wedding and in all honesty, I mean before the honeymoon where I will be shorts, not the wedding, where I will be wearing a gown But it required some stitches. And not wearing tight pants or putting pressure on (aka. standing on) my leg for 24-48 hours. So I'm home today, scrapping on the couch!

And sharing my December Daily pages for the weekend!

Sunday at work we had a crafting event for the elementary school kids (K-3). It sounded like a really good idea on paper. Students would go to three stations:
Puzzle piece snowflake ornaments: puzzle pieces painted red, green and white and glued together like a snowflake
Coasters: color in 4 4x4 in boxes with Christmas scenes, mod podge them onto tiles as Christmas coasters
Tree skirts: I'm not entirely sure what this was, but it involved glitter and felt

So, there were supposed to be a bunch of high school kids there to help out. Each room should have had two teachers plus 3-4 students. That is not what happened. Most of the helper kids didn't show up! It was a crazy mess!

Fortunately, the students had a great time. And once I got home, and had some wine and pizza and played scrabble with AJ, I had a better time too!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

so love that vintagy santa!!!

Heather said...

Wow you had your hands full on Sunday! It's a shame about the h/s helpers not showing up. I'm sure the parents of the younger kids really appreciated it! Pizza, wine and Scrabble sounds like the perfect end to that day!
I'm glad you are resting (and scrapping) today! Take it easy and enjoy!

Becky said...

A day at home, with your leg up, scrapping, sounds perfect! Especially after Sundays ordeal :) I love what you did with Saturdays page.

Jules said...

Minor surgery translates into "Mental health day" after a super crazy weekend! Enjoy your day scrapping....I am jealous!

Tracy said...

Two more excellent pages.
I hope to work on mine this Friday :)
Sounds like you had a busy weekend :)
Take care of yourself. Take it easy just like the doctor said :)

sandee said...

wine and pizza sounds like a wonderful way to end the day! Hope your stiches don't get itchy and heal quickly! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

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