Sunday, December 2, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {12.02.2012}

How is it Sunday night already?! We had a cookie swap here on Saturday, and it went really well! It was so fun!

Today, I had to work :( So my weekend ended really fast!

But, I am so excited that it is December!

And, its the first Scavenger Hunt for the month!

I was missing the bacon in this mac and cheese. But, I'm trying to make healthier choices and mac and cheese seemed bad enough on its own!

The restaurant where we like to go after church is having a fundraiser for the Fire Department's Widows and Orphans Fund. It looks pretty cool. And I loved the handwriting and numbers!

The windows in this hotel change color every few minutes. AJ and I waited until it turned purple, just for this prompt.

I couldn't figure out what to photograph for this prompt. After church, AJ said that I should gotten a picture of the huge (and very loud!) organ. But we'd already left mass. Then I remembered that I had this picture from a few weeks ago!

For my birthday, my mom got me a charm bracelet, that has a charm for everywhere I've lived. So far, there is a New York charm, and this one for Chicago. When we move again, we will add a charm to it for the new city. I love this bracelet, wearing it reminds me of what an awesome adventure I'm having!

Well, AJ is asleep on the couch, and I'm falling asleep at the computer, so I think its best that I get to bed!

I'll be back tomorrow with my first December Daily page!

See you all then :)


Linda R said...

Wonderful photos. I have to say the two last ones are my favorite..

Barbara said...

You have a beautiful series here........your BRACELET shot is, I think, my favorite.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

wonderful photos!!

Heather said...

I'm glad your party went well!! Sorry about working on Sunday though. Boo!!!
All of your shots are great! So cool about the hotel changing colors and you caught purple! The organ is amazing!
Bacon mac and cheese sounds too divine!!
Your charm bracelet is so pretty and special. Love that Chicago charm too. It looks pretty on the tree!
That lettering is pretty awesome! Are you going to go?

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Oh I love that church organ!! Waiting for my flight to your fair city. Delayed. Foggy. Hope it all comes together!

Rose said...

The organ is breathtaking! I love the handwriting for numbers, too. Nice mix of subjects here.

Becky said...

Oh man, bacon IN mac and cheese? Can it get any better than that??? I would have never known it was missing if you hadn't said anything! Haha! That bracelet is so cool!

seabluelens said...

That mac and cheese instantly made me hungry! I love the purple windows, and that organ is gorgeous! I wish I could hear it...I'll bet it's amazing.

Gita said...

I love that charm bracelet. And the organ in the church is amazing!!

Tracy said...

Great photos.
I love your charm bracelet and the idea behind it :)
That mac and cheese is making me hungry again ;)

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