Friday, January 11, 2013

Project Life 25 {Week 30}

Yay! Its finally the weekend!

I am so looking forward to not having to get up early for the next two days!

And AJ and I have reservations at one of our favorite new places for dinner tonight. My parents had given him a gift card for his birthday, so we are going on a date night tonight!

Fortunately, our reservations are later, so I can nap before we go out. I'm really looking forward to that nap :)

Please excuse the little glare in these pictures. I took them this morning before the sun came up, and I didn't realize there was glare until after I'd uploaded them. But, I had to get to work, so I just had to roll with it!

This is my two page spread for Week 30. I can't believe I am up to 30 already!

The left side shows pictures of our neighborhood Christmas decorations, and a picture of AJ's shadow on our game of Scrabble.

On the left side, most of the pictures are of the Kris Kringle Create a Craft Workshop that we had at school. Basically, students (grades K-3) came and made presents for their parents! There is also a picture of one of the funny races at Pep Rally (but I blurred that out, because you can see some kids' faces in it!) And then there is one of our garage during the holiday party.

But this is my favorite part of this layout, the insert:

AJ and I played Scrabble by the Christmas tree Sunday evening. And I won! You have to understand, that never happens, and by never, I mean literally never. I've never ever won at Scrabble before! Of course, I saved the score cards and put them in this insert (on the back is our score card from the next game, where AJ totally beat me by around 100 points!)

I made the insert by cutting up some other scrapbook page protectors and using washi tape on the open edges!

Well, I'm off to work. I'll be back on Sunday for the Scavenger Hunt :)

Also, I'm going to try not posting on Mondays for a while. I've been doing Scavenger Hunt Sunday again, so I'm going to switch Mondays for Sundays!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Love how you included the Scrabble sheet!
I save that type of stuff, too :)
Hope you have a great weekend!

Jules said...

Super cute holiday pages and I love the insert! Enjoy your dinner out tonight and I hope that you are feeling better after a hopefully good night's sleep!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

love that you included the score card- just perfect!!

have a great weekend

Heather said...

I would have kept that score card too. The washi tape is a great idea for that. Yay for date night!! Sounds like fun! Double yay for the weekend!!! I'm looking forward to not setting the alarm myself.
Love your new header!!

sandee said...

The score card is a hit, I got so tickled at the comment you left on my blog about scrabble not being a Katie-game! lol So it was funny to see that you used your winning score! love it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Tracy said...

More great pages Katie.
Congrats on your winning ;)

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