Monday, January 28, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {01.27.2013}

Did you know that it is Monday? I didn't! I spent all day yesterday forgetting that it was Sunday!

But, I have my Scavenger Hunt pictures today, which I thought was Sunday, so I'm going to pretend that counts!

You'd think with the wedding coming up, I'd have something lace to photograph (like my gorgeous rehearsal dinner dress...) but all of that is in New York! But crochet blankets always remind me of lace, I'm not entirely sure why!

One of my favorite necklaces.

A wooden chest in my favorite copper color!

Fuzzy calls for a Benny pictures. This picture may or may not have been taken this weekend, as Ben lives very far away, but I know I've never posted it before!

Burlap. We have tons of it right now, for the wedding. Under this (small) pieces, are two more (much bigger) pieces. I'm telling you, we've got enough burlap for 3 or 4 weddings!

Well, that is all for me on this Sunday Monday afternoon!

I'll be back tomorrow with a fun crafty gift!


Monica said...

Great photos. I love the crochet and Benny pics!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

awesome photos

Jules said...

Love the crochet "lace" picture and of course, sweet Benny! Happy MONDAY!

Heather said...

Great shots this week. Benny is the cutest! I love your new is very blingy! Wow that's a lot of burlap!!!

Dawn said...

crochet is lacey :) maybe hte burlap, too! haha! the cross is really lovely!!

Tracy said...

I really enjoy seeing your take on these prompts.
Your photography is outstanding :)
I have a giveaway on my blog...maybe you will be the lucky one again ;)

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Great photos, Katie :)
I forget what day it is quite often unfortunately!

Becky said...

I'm so confused with the days this week, it's been a crazy one. Great pictures!!

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