Friday, March 1, 2013

A Baseball Throwback

Hi everyone!

Sorry to be posting so late in the morning. Next time I think its a good idea to take Nyquil when I have to get up in the morning, someone remind me that it isn't a good idea!

So, I have to say, I am the world's worst packer! Every time I pick something up to pack it, I have to look through it. Like my scrapbooks. Books I haven't opened in a long time, I'm now sitting and flipping through.

And that's how I came across this layout.

AJ and I are both big baseball fans, but we root for rival teams! Of course, when our teams play each other, we have to go to the games. I made this layout about our first Mets vs. Phillies game.

The top left picture is one of my all time favorites of us. Although I know I would change a few things about this layout around, I still really love the photostrip and the banners along the top!

Do you ever go back to your old albums? I need to stop reminiscing procrastinating and start packing!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

super 2 pager!!!
have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

This made me giggle on so many levels. Never take NyQuil when you have to get up the next morning!!

I love the team logos on the layout! I love baseball layouts :)

Becky said...

I'm the same way when packing, or cleaning! I just love this layout, especially that banner!!

sandee said...

Don't fret, we all reminisce when we pack, which is also a good time to delete things you don't use alot of. Love the picture of you two, nice to know rivals can get along so well, wink! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Alison Scott said...

Great layout. That is the problem with packing, you find all the stuff you forgot you had!
Get on with the packing - reminisce at the other side! Lol ;-)

Tracy said...

this is a great page.
Love the banner, and your right that is a great photo of you and AJ...well actually they all are.
As for reminiscing I do that all the time.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love half of this page..just kidding! :) It's really awesome and I love the banner going across the top! That is a great photo of you two! I DO go through old albums, especially when I'm looking for a specific photo and a few hours later..I'm still looking through them!
It is distracting.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I am the worst procrastinator with packing. It is such a pain! And if it's a family trip, I am usually packing the kids as well!!

You make such a cute couple!

Jules said...

I am exactly the same way with my packing. I don't know about you but the actual packing is seriously dragging me down. I think that fact that I have quite awhile to do it is actually making it worse.....uuuggghhh! I love your baseball layout.....the pictures are great and that little banner is the best!!!!!

Christina said...

Love this layout-especially that banner along the top, very cute!
Great picture of you guys!

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