Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our New Apartment

Well, I wanted to share this yesterday.

But I haven't been sleeping very well lately. Getting used to all the new apartment sounds takes a little bit and I keep waking up in the middle of the night. So my brain just is not functioning the right way!

Of course, waking up to a thunderous crash at 5:58am Tuesday morning definitely didn't help the lack of sleep problem!

1.5 shelves in my closet ripped down. Yes, 1.5, one shelf is still half hanging on...the other is now leaning up against the bathroom wall!
Now my bed is holding all of the clothes and all the boxes are piled up on the closet floor. Extremely fortunately, my two Expedit bookshelves that are holding lots of my crafty supplies, shoes and bags in the closet escaped unharmed!

And of course, these rooms are just fine!
Our living room. That door goes out to our balcony, but its dark so I couldn't take any pictures of that! But my crafty desk fits in the living room, and some of my crafty supplies are in those brown boxes too!

If you turned around from the above picture, you'd see this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cut out in the kitchen. I don't feel so isolated when I am in the kitchen, I can actually talk to AJ even if he is sitting in the living room. And our TV swivels, so I can turn it and watch TV while I cook.

And on the wall next to the living room and kitchen (kind of across from the kitchen) is this fabulous built in book case. More of my crafty stuff is in those brown boxes. And I love that picture up top of Chicago. It was a gift from AJ's coworkers when he left. I just love it :)

Right next to those bookshelves, in the little closet, right next to the front door, is something fabulous.
IN UNIT LAUNDRY! Happy dance :)

And that is my apartment, in a nut shell. I'm so happy that I was able to get some many things that I really wanted - an open kitchen, in unit laundry, a walk in closet (guess I should have been more specific about one with shelves that didn't rip out of the wall) and a balcony!

What are your home must-haves?


Mary Pat Siehl said...

your apartment is simply lovely!! i too love the kitchen open. our house has that and I can keep my eye on the kids when i am cooking- just perfect and oh how happy you must be to have an in unit laundry room. Perfection

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Wow I love it!! What a great new place!! It all looks very fresh and new. You guys are really settled in! Sorry about the closet mess. I hope that gets taken care of quickly for you guys!!
You've done a great job making your new place a home! I love that new sofa too. So pretty!!

Alison Scott said...

Wonderful apartment. Everything you need.
Shame the shelves weren't sturdy enough!
Your place looks fabulous.
That Chicago picture looks amazing too.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Yay for in unit laundry!!! I would have loved that in our old apartment. It was a long walk from our place to the laundry room. And cold in the winter.

Boo on the fallen shelf. I am sure that did scare you!
I love that you have that door leading out to the balcony. And built-in's are always a plus!

Hope you are able to settle in sleep wise soon. You have had a lot going on so it is not surprising!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Oh I've been away for so long I didn't realize you moved. Looks great. sorry about the crash! In house laundry will be quite the treat!

Anonymous said...

Built in bookshelves are a thing of beauty.

I miss having TV in view of the kitchen and being able to talk to someone in the kitchen from the other room. I usually yell at Mr. P from around the corner!

Christina said...

Your new apartment is awesome-I love your new couch so much! (So jealous, but there is no way I am getting a new couch until my youngest starts kindergarten).
And yay for an in-unit washer and dryer!!!!

In my next house I want a MUCH bigger kitchen-ours is far too small. :)

Tracy said...

Your apartment is lovely.
I love where you put your LOVE letters :)
Lots of storage in the kitchen and I too love the pass through to the dining area, so cool.
That is in my reno plans :)

I see you have one of my must haves...a pantry :)

Sue from Oregon said...

Yeah Katie-glad to see you are settling in!

Gita said...

I've always wanted built in bookshelves....somehow I need to incorporate that into my house!

Jules said...

Your new place is great - so homey! I know that you must be so glad to be settled...with the exception of that closet! Is maintenance on top of that??? Mine is coming along very slowly but surely. I WILL post soon. :)

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