Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Around Here {06.19.2013}

Well, after all of the craziness in New York, I'm back home in Louisiana. And there has a lot going on around here! I feel like I need to get caught up just to wrap my mind around it. So here it week in a crazy nutshell!

Getting dolled up. Because that's what you do for a wedding!

Posing for pictures. Would you believe AJ and I forgot to take any pictures together? Two nights in row (rehearsal + wedding) we were all dressed up and didn't get any pictures! Silly us!

Dancing. A lot. How else do you burn off all those cocktail hour calories? 

Relaxing. And feeling very very sleepy - we woke up at 3am on Friday to get into New York, and basically didn't sleep again until Sunday night!

Planning aisle decor. Which of course means a trip to the church!

Making wedding centerpieces. I am so so happy with the candles we found for these! I really do love Ikea :)

Rooting for the home team. They didn't win. It was a shame. But we still got to spend time together as a family!

What's going on by you?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You have been busy!!!! I hope the photographer got some shots of the two of you at the wedding. We didn't get any pix of just my hubby and me at the wedding we went to either. I was so focused on getting a family photo so at least we did that!!
It looks like you had a great time at home. I love the centerpieces and I've bought those Ikea candles a lot! Love the family photo of you 4 from the game. It's still fun to go, even if they don't win (just not quite as much fun). I hope you are settling back into a nice summer routine now.

Becky said...

It looks like you had such a great week, I know you really enjoyed your time there and are counting down the days until your next trip!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

looks like you had an amazing time back home!

sandee said...

Well my life is sure dull and slow compared to yours! lol Looks like you had lots of fun! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Jules said...

It looks to me like you had a lot of fun and now need a vacation from your I can't wait to see what your centerpieces look like once they are ready for your big exciting!!!!

Tracy said...

Wow you did have a busy week.
Looking great as always :)

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Sounds like a great but busy weekend! :)

Gita said...

So, was this finally YOUR big day? I didn't see a white dress so not sure if it's a maid of honor or just not your traditional color. but you definitely had a busy weekend. Looks like alot of fun even though you are tired. :-)

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