Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Project Life 25 {4.15.2013 - 4.21.2013}

I cannot believe that it is already Tuesday.

How did that happen?! I'm pretty sure the last time I looked, it was Thursday night!

Friday and Saturday were a little crazy here. We had graduation rehearsal and graduation for my school. This is the school's very first graduating class, and we were celebrating one graduate. The ceremony was beautiful.

Except for the sound and video projector.

You know who was in charge of that? Yours truly.

Everything went great during rehearsal...but graduation itself was a different story. There were some last minute changes, and I ended up

     *starting a video with very loud audio during the dean's speech
     *accidentally playing a video while it was on mute and not realizing until halfway though (after frantically muting the videos during the above issue)
     *timing everything perfectly for the music/photo montage, then neglecting to turn off the ipod while shutting down the montage and the music started again
     *playing the last song so loud that it was mostly crackle on the loud speakers

On the bright side, no one will ever ask me to do A/V again!

So yeah, that was my weekend...how was yours?

In happier news, I've still been all caught up in Project Life. I promise the share something else soon...just as soon as I work on something else! But right now, I am very content to work on Project Life and continue to make strides to finish this album!

This page is all about the schedule and textbooks at my new school. I've never had such comprehensive textbooks before, and its such a treat to have a really reliable resource to fall back on! Of course, I had to block out some identifying school details too, but it really wasn't anything too interesting!

In our first month here, we had a serious tornado warning. I had no idea what to do, but I had my big kids in class who knew what they were supposed to be doing. Sitting under our desks, waiting for the all clear. Fortunately, the storm didn't come close to us, and we were able to resume class an hour after the threat was reported.

Do you ever get caught up in one project and just can't work on anything else? What projects do you get caught up in?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

It's great you are so caught up with your PL book! I'm still plugging away at my family album. I've taken a break but need to get back to it and I need to order more photos too!
That's scary about the tornado warning. I'm glad your student knew what to do!
I had to smile about the graduation and your AV jobs. :)

Mary Pat Siehl said...

looks fantastic

Jules said...

It must be a great feeling to be caught up on PL...I am obviously struggling this year and haven't really decided what too to. I don't think I am going to abandon it for the year because I have journaled and taken so many pictures...maybe just a condensed version for 2013. The weather is crazy in this part of the country...glad your students knew just what to do!

Patrice said...

Great Project Life pages - my daughter's in Baton Rouge!

sandee said...

Yikes, I'm scared of tonardos, hope it's your first and last! You're too funny about the A/V job, sorry to hear you had problems. I bet no one fell asleep during the ceremony though! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina where you are appreciated for stopping by! ♥

Tracy said...

Your pages are all awesome :)
I am having fun with decorating my planner, working on my smash book and altering composition books into journals.

Becky said...

I love your project life!! I'm so happy I'm not the only one who likes it :)

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