Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chicago Skyline Layout

This layout goes along with the Shedd layouts that I shared last week.

It was taken on the same day that I visited all of the museums, as I was walking back from my goodbye Chicago walking tour.

I really love that I had paper that said "I always want to remember" because I do always want to remember that day!

So when I posted my Scavenger Hunt Sunday the other day, it was written before the travel drama!

My flight from Albuquerque to Houston was delayed for heat. So I missed the last flight from Houston to Baton Rouge! AJ had to drive in to Houston to meet me, and we drove back to Baton Rouge Saturday morning.

Of course, just as we were getting close to home, we were behind a tanker truck. Which is pretty normal down here. Except a tire blew out on the truck, and I thought it was the truck blowing up!

I was never out of control of the car, but I was definitely all over the road trying to avoid the giant tire flying at the car.

It is definitely up there with my scariest moment driving ever. And I am so so glad to be home!

What is your worst travel experience?

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

thank goodness you are ok- that is my worst nighmare!!!!

what a great layout!!

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness, that must have been very scary. Glad everyone is okay, wow.
Your layout is so pretty.
My heart is a little sad for you, but your layout is great and I agree that paper with "remember" is the perfect touch for your layout.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

That must have been so scary!!! I'm glad you guys were ok!! What a mess with the travel too. Your layout is great and I love how meaningful the paper is too.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Holy Cow, Katie, that is terrifying!!! Glad you are all ok. And how weird it was delayed for heat.

My scariest driving moment was a really bad accident I was in with Evan when he was only two. A truck started coming in my lane, I swerved and lost complete control. Did two 360's on the highway and just prayed the whole time Evan would be ok.
Thankfully no one hit us, but we hit the median and my car was totaled. I will never, ever forget that!

Becky said...

The flight was delayed for heat? Is that even possible? Omg! I'm do glad you finally made it home safely!

Your picture is gorgeous! I know you miss Chicago still, but think about how much closer you are now to the wedding!

Jules said...

Oh, my! That must have been sooo scary. I am always a little scared driving by those big trucks on the freeway. So glad that you are safe! This layout is great and makes me miss Chicago a little too and I have only been there once. Have a great weekend!

Gita said...

Your flight was delayed for heat? That's a weird reason -- unless it was too hot and not enough runway length. Hmm. (I'm an Air Traffic Controller so I wonder..LOL) And scary driving incident. Yikes.

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