Friday, November 15, 2013

Project Life 2013 {09.23 - 09.29}

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Only a few more hours (or one fifth grade class, one chemistry class, a recess duty, a physics class and two seventh grade classes) until the weekend!

Do you have any big plans? We are just going to be cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! Plus a quick trip to Macy's because I realized I don't have a roasting pan big enough for a turkey!

And, I'm really hoping to get some Project Life in. Although, I'm a little stuck...I am up to the week that included the wedding! I know how I want to include it here, but I don't have the actual pictures in my hands yet. Just the digital copies! So I need to get those ordered. I will probably skip from this week to the honeymoon and come back to the wedding week later :)

This week was the week before the wedding. Of course, there had to be a little drama. We got our wedding bands sized, and I decided to get my engagement ring resized because it was too big. Well, long story short (and three trips to the jewelry store later) both of my rings fit together.

The other bit of drama surrounded the groomsmen's gifts. We got our groomsmen monogrammed flasks. But the ones we picked out were an online exclusive. So we ordered them online, and brought them into the store to get engraved. Of course, one came back wrong.

But because it was an online only item, they didn't have one in the store to replace it! And there was only one left unengraved in the country! And we were leaving for New York before it would arrive in Louisiana!

Fortunately, the manager at our local Things Remembered was amazing! She pulled a few strings and had the flask shipped to the New York store. The New York store didn't engrave anything until we were in the store, saw what was typed into the machine and approved it. Everyone was super helpful, and all of our groomsmen were able to get flasks engraved with their actual initials!

But, if the worst drama we had were these two things, that's not too bad! Did you ever run into problems like this with a big event?

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Christina said...

First-love the blog design, super cute.
The sleeves on my off the shoulder weeding dress were a little too big so I had a seamstress take them in. I guess she didn't do it properly, because on my wedding day, on of the seams came undone leaving me with one "gappy" sleeve. Sigh. Thankfully, one of my maids had a sewing kit and decent sewing skills and fixed me up before I walked down the aisle. :)
I think it's good luck for little things to go wrong. (We've been married 15 years!)

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Yes! I may have already told you I think, but my bridesmaids dresses never came in and never came in. I was getting such a runaround from the store owner. I finally went in cancelled the order and got our money back. Three weeks before the wedding, no bridesmaids dresses!
Talk about panic.
But then I found a really nice women who whipped up three dresses for me even better than the originals :)

Glad everything worked out for the flasks. I love great customer service stories :)

Anonymous said...

Katie, you know my philosophy on Fridays- I love Fridays so much that Thursdays is actually my favorite day of the week. so happy Friday to you, too. Although today is Saturday. my second favorite day of the week.

Anonymous Dad

Becky said...

What a mess with your ring! I'm so glad it turned out okay!! We did monogram flasks for our groomsmen too :), but that was almost fifteen years ago :) What awesome customer service!!!

Jules said...

Your wedding band and engagement ting look GORGEOUS together!!! Love the layout!

Tracy said...

Awesome pages as usual
I love your rings..gorgeous.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

That was some drama! I'm glad it all worked out!!!

Your rings look so nice together!!

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