Sunday, December 1, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {12.01.2013}

I cannot believe that it is December.


How did that happen? Just yesterday it was Thanksgiving. Well, almost literally. Thanksgiving was super late this year, it totally threw me off!

We had a great Thanksgiving week though. My parents flew in, and we spent a few days in New Orleans, a few days here in Baton Rouge and a nice quiet, relaxing Thanksgiving Day in our apartment!

And now its already December, and Sunday, and time for the Scavenger Hunt!

Starts with S
Visiting the State Capitol Building. I didn't even know that you could go in there! But my dad figured out that you could, and it was beautifully decorated for Christmas!

Bubbly, crumbly apple pie for our make shift pie bar!

A Blessing
I am so blessed that my husband and my parents get along so well - no in law drama here! This is my dad teaching AJ how to carve a turkey (and discovering that despite the breast being cooked exactly to the perfect temperature, the dark meat needed to go back into the oven for a bit!)

We had our Christmas lights up by noon on Friday. We also had the tree up before breakfast. Because we are those people. And I am totally okay with it!

I Went
To the National WWII Museum. We ended up spending all day there, the museum was very thought provoking, and made me extremely grateful for everyone involved in our military and keeping our country safe. I highly recommend visiting the museum if you are going to be in New Orleans!

Well, I'm off to catch up on Christmas wrapping, cleaning and all of the other things that took a back seat to family time this week!

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Martha said...

I especially like your Christmas lights for warmth. I'd love to visit the WWII museum!

Hannah Brooker said...

More festive shots, so nice to see. I like your blessing photo :) and the Christmas tree looks just amazing

Becky said...

Katie it looks and sounds like you had the most wonderful Thanksgiving! That picture of the tree in the State Capitol building is gorgeous! Love that your dad was teaching AJ how to carve the turkey :) I can't believe it's already December either! Three weeks until Christmas!

Jules said...

Love all of your SH pictures, but the one form the Capitol is absolutely stunning!!!!!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

totally awesome photos- that pie looks sooo yummmy

Karen S. said...

It's beginning to look a lot like a lovely Christmas through your eyes! Your State Capital tree- so stunning too!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I was just thinking I should check out what the prompts are because I actually took some pics over the weekend and haven't blogged at all!! What great photos you gave us! I loved seeing peeks of your Thanksgiving with your family!! That tree in the capitol building is gorgeous!! I love those big lights --we use those too! How sweet that AJ is learning how to carve from your dad! Sounds like it was an awesome weekend!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

These are great, Katie!
Your Christmas shots are so professional looking!

I agree that this holiday season is going too fast. Having thanksgiving later in the month is really throwing me off!

Megan Bailey said...

Great warmth photo! Love the twinkle lights!

Tracy said...

Your photos are gorgeous and I love your take on all of the prompts.
I have to say that your 1st photo is stunning.
It looks more beautiful than a Christmas card.

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