Thursday, January 2, 2014

December Daily {Days 18 - 23}

Happy 2014!

I took an unintended blog break over the past week and half, while we were home visiting family.

But now we are back, and December and 2013 are over.

And we are looking forward to some big changes in 2014. Including buying a house in Louisiana! See how cheerful I'm being...even though as I type the northeast is getting lots of snow and all I have is icky not warm, not cold, rainy gross weather...I'm trying.

But even though 2013 is over, I'm still finishing up all of my 2013 projects so I can start my 2014 ones :)

Speaking of 2013 projects, today I'm sharing the {almost} end of my December Daily pages!

December 18 - the last day of classes before break. We've been learning about plants and plant structure in 5th grade, so today we watched a Magic School bus about plants!

For the last day of school "party day", the other science teacher and I decided to dress up in tree skirt skirts!

After an insane day at work, we flew home to the east coast. Finally! We had a very long delay because the bathrooms on the plane weren't working, and didn't get home until after midnight. Then we stayed up super late to watch the wedding video with my family.

Saturday, we all went to Peter Luger's in Brooklyn for dinner. It was so fun getting all dressed up and going out to a fancy restaurant, but it was even more fun having us all around the same table!

Recognize that little cutie? Its AJ on his 1st Christmas! We drove to New Jersey to see his dad and found all of his childhood pictures. We thought they'd been lost in the move, so we were so so excited to find them!

Monday, the last day before Christmas Eve, AJ and I took a trip into the city to see the Met + the tree. Despite the rain, it was so crowded in Rockefeller Center. Turns out my cousin was also visiting the tree at the same time - like the exact same time. AJ and I are in the crowd in the background of her picture! You can see his face clear as day, and the back of my head with all the curly hair and gigantic jacket! (That picture isn't on this page, its getting its own layout!)

Well, I'm off to work on a few more 2013 layouts so I can start fresh with 2014! What are you working on?

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Becky said...

BUYING A HOUSE???!!! I LOUISIANA???!!! Oh my gosh Katie, I'm so excited!!!!!! I almost can't get past that to talk about how awesome your pages are. Almost ;) what an awesome Christmas you guys had! So funny about your cousin!

Jules said...

What a crazy coincidence that you were both there at the exact same time!!! I would love to visit New York City during the holidays!!!

Tracy said...

More great DD pages Katie :)
I would trade your weather for our -51C weather.
It is so cold, that you can get frost bite if out for longer then 3-5 minutes..brrrrr

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