Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Getting Ready {Wedding Recaps}

The morning of the wedding, I woke up very very early.

Actually, I woke up every hour asking if it was time to wake up yet (I'm sure Liz and Allie loved that!)

But, it was finally time to wake up, and all the girls were coming over to get their hair and make up done.

And all the boys were headed to a local diner to get breakfast before the day started.

The girls had breakfast too...and lunch...and lots of mimosas in glitter glasses!
Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
We got our hair done...
Photo Credit: Sarah
And our make up too!
Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
While I was getting my make up done, the photographers arrived and it was time for the girls to put on their dresses. And somewhere in all of this, the flowers arrived too! That's when it all started to feel very real that it was actually October 5 and we were actually getting married today!
Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
And look how pretty the girls looked! It was so so busy though, everyone had something going on. These are some of my favorite pictures of everyone else getting ready, because it captured exactly what was going on - taking pictures, holding onto the rings, looking pretty!
Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
So, I didn't cry on my wedding day. My bridesmaids said they thought I would have a moment where I almost cried, then I'd just pull myself together and I'd be done for the day. And this was that moment! Putting on the veil :) 
Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
(PS. Do you love the chicken wrap the girls made me eat sitting in my lap there? About 30 seconds after this picture they took it away and it was the last thing I got to eat until cocktail hour!)

My dad almost cried when I put on my veil though!
Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
Then I got to do something fun! Open my present from AJ. He had forgotten his card in Baton Rouge, so he had to run to the store and buy me one when he landed on the east coast. For some reason, I thought that hysterical. So any chance of crying flew out the window with all the laughing about that!

Some people thought I was crazy, because I didn't buy earrings or a bracelet for the wedding. I counted on AJ to pick the right wedding present. Good thing
Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography

And then all that was left was to get dressed and head off to the church!

Did you cry on your wedding day, or were you very laugh-y like I was?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I'm almost crying just looking at these pix! I'm glad you were laughy though! What a sweet gift from AJ.
These photos are just beautiful!!
I love the glitter champagne flutes, did you make them?

Jules said...

What a fun post and I love seeing all of your pictures. AJ did great on your wedding gift....good man!!!!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

So fun! I love seeing how beautiful you looked. Please share more. I've been absent from blogville, but trying to catch up!

holli said...

Oh my gosh, i did the ugly cry and was sobbing so hard no one took pictures as i walked down the aisle. I had no idea i would react that way. My Dad had a double lung transplant 6 weeks before my wedding and the enormity of him walking me down the aisle hit me the second the doors opened.

Sandee Setliff said...

Thanks for the wedding day share, you are so beautiful inside and out!

Tracy said...

My heart is in a bit of a flutter looking at these wonderful photos of you and your friends.
Beautiful photos.
I have to say I was giddy. I was even giddy during the vows…Wayne squeezed my hand, but that didn't help, lol. We even eloped, so only 5 people were in the room.

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures Katie!! Thank you for sharing these with us!! What a fun day!! I woke up every hour too :) I'm glad you didn't cry :). AJ did a great job!!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

These are such great photos!
And I am so glad you had such a wonderful day.
I will say I may have teared up a few times, but never full out cried.
But I did get light headed during the vows and almost passed out!

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