Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Closing Drama {Our House}

Happy Tuesday!

Did you have a good weekend?

We did - after a super rocky start!

On Friday, there was a chance we weren't going to close on the house on time because the mortgage company procrastinated after approving us (and confirming the closing date several times) and didn't get their paperwork together to send to closing. I thought that people handing in their work late was just a problem with students, but apparently it is a problem everywhere!

After lots of stressful moments on Thursday "yes, we are" "no, we're not", which left us looking and feeling like this.

And Friday was more of the same. The closing got delayed more times that I really want to count, but finally, we were at the title company!

And after an hour and a half signing a million and a half papers, we found ourselves here!

We originally wanted to stay at the house Friday night, but because we closed so late, we didn't have time to go get any blinds, and all of our windows are super visible because the house next door hasn't been built yet! So we decided to stay at the apartment one last night, but not before we celebrated with some prosecco in our new kitchen!

Even though we had to leave Friday night, we were back bright and early Saturday morning so the movers could come. They were awesome! They had everything unloaded and ready to be unpacked in just over an hour!

Then, it was time for our first trip to Home Depot as home owners! AJ didn't understand why I needed to take so many pictures to document this trip...

But you guys get it, right? What we really needed was blinds, because none of the windows had any! We spent the rest of the day putting them up - it took practically all day. I think it might be AJ's least favorite thing to do, ever.

But its done now, and we can walk around our house at night without feeling like everyone can see everything we are doing!

Sunday, would you believe AJ had to go to work?! So I spent the whole day unpacking. And putting up window film on our front door. But that's a story for a different post ;)

There is still a lot more to do - like finish unpacking, get the rest of our furniture delivered/built, and getting the internet installed. But we still got a lot done this weekend!

What were you up to?

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

sooooo happy for you guys!!! so glad thing finally worked out! your house looks amazing

Jules said...

The house looks beautiful....and if I know you, you will be all unpacked and decorated before we know it. Enjoy your new home!!!!

Laura said...

Congratulations on your new home! All the delays must have been incredibly stressful -- so glad the closing happened for you.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You sure had a busy weekend. I'm glad you were finally able to settle on Friday!! Your house looks so pretty!!! I love the fireplace and your kitchen is gorgeous! Congrats!! Hanging blinds is a pain but at least it's done now!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Yay!!! So happy for you guys! :)
And so glad it all worked out!

Anonymous said...

As difficult as it was, I knew it would happen. I love all of the pictures, but especially the kitchen. It actually looks lived in. Congratulations. :)

Anonymous Dad

Lesli Giertuga said...

It looks so nice - cant Waite to see the reveals!!

Lesli Giertuga said...

It looks so nice - cant Waite to see the reveals!!

Becky said...

I can't even tell you how happy and excited I am to read this post!!! Your house looks beautiful and I know you waste no time at all getting everything put away, especially your craft supplies!! Congratulations!!!

Tracy said...

How did I miss this Post!!!
I am so so happy for you two :)
Your home is beautiful. Love all the woodwork and the your fireplace.
I agree with AJ blinds are not fun to put up, but what is worse is getting those extra slats out ;)

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