Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Honeymoon Album {Part 3}

Happy Tuesday!

Did you have a good St. Patrick's Day? We did our taxes...but we also had green mashed potatoes and green broccoli and green beer! So it was a little festive!

Over the weekend, I almost finished organizing my scrapbook room. I'm looking forward to creating a few new pages to share. But first I want to finish sharing my honeymoon mini album.

Friday we decided to hang out at the pool. We played BINGO in the morning, and as we started playing AJ told me that he's never ever won BINGO. Of course - he won! Then, some of the other people staying at the resort asked us to play volleyball. There was no way I was playing, but AJ had a lot of fun! While he was playing volleyball in the pool, I decided to read, take a nap and run around and take lots of pictures.

That night they had a mini Junkanoo party at the resort. Junkanoo is a big party/parade that is traditional in the Bahamas. The parade at the resort was very cool, there was dancing and music and a guy who did all sorts of crazy things with a flaming limbo stick. Unfortunately, it was getting super windy, and there was lots of biting bugs in the sand, so we didn't eat at the outdoor party. Instead, we ordered in in our room!

Saturday morning the weather had cleared up a lot! We decided to start the day off with a walk on the golf course. But as we were walking over, I noticed that there was a cabana on the beach open! Those can be so hard to get, so we threw our towels and beach bag on there and started our walk. I loved the golf course, it was right on the water, and there were beautiful views from there.

We spent most of the day on the beach, playing in the water and taking pictures. There were photographers who would take your picture, but when we went to go look at the pictures, they were super super expensive. So I used our cabana as a tripod and took a bunch of pictures myself!

Saturday night was our 1 week anniversary, so they decorated our bed with towel swans and flowers! I thought that was so cute. We also went to the bar before our dinner at the French restaurant (that we loved so much that we immediately made another reservation!) But back to the bar - they noticed that I was taking pictures of my drink, so they decided to show me something fun to take pictures of and lit a shot on fire! That was so so cool!

Well, that's it for today! I'll be back tomorrow with another wedding update :)

But until then, I'll just be working, and maybe starting to paint another wall in the house! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh your photos look amazing and it sounds like heaven!
awesome pages

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

More amazing photos from your honeymoon! That cabana looked great! I love that you used it as a tripod too. I was wondering how you got those pics! That was sweet they remembered your one week anniversary!
We didn't do anything special yesterday but we're having a small Irish Night w/ friends this weekend.

Tracy said...

This is such a special album.
I love all the photos, but really love the photo of yours and AJ's hands :)

Becky said...

That is awesome you got a cabana! We would try and get up super early in Mexico to get one because they would all be gone! Flaming limbo stick! That sounds dangerous! Haha! I love that you used the cabana as a tripod! They do charge an arm and a leg for those pics, don't they??!!

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