Wednesday, April 30, 2014

And We Danced {Wedding Recaps}

Once we were introduced, danced and toasted, it was time for the real fun to begin.

And so, in no particular order in chronological order, here are the pictures of the dancing, the laughing, the singing and the partying!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
 Yes, we fist pumped. AJ's from was bound to happen.

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
And we line danced. Electric Slide and Cotton Eyed Joe. Cotton Eyed Joe was the only song I took my shoes off for. Of course, Allie will tell you that "took them off" is an understatement. I kicked them off across the reception hall, sending them flying towards the head table, right between the legs of a waitress!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
 Even Nonni got in on the on dancing action!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography

And there were shots, and singing...

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
And lots more dancing (and maybe a short time that I didn't wear my jacket. I got super overheated after the shoe-kicking-jumping-up-and-down-for-four-minutes that was the Cotton Eyed Joe!)

Before we knew it, it was time to cut the cake, throw the bouquet, eat pie and dance some more! But all that has to wait for another post (or two or three!)

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Mary Pat Siehl said...

what totally fun photos
looks like everyone was having fun

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Looks like so much fun! My kind of wedding!! Those wedding where everybody is up and dancing the whole time are the best!! How do you all look so good while doing so??

Jules said...

I am a huge fan of the candid photos and these did not disappoint! You guys were definitely having a great time!

Becky said...

So much fun! In that third picture, bottom on the right, you totally look like Cinderella!

Becky said...

I've commented three times, but having issues with my account. Did you get my comment? Don't want to keep posting the same thing!! Haha

Tracy said...

Great Photos!!!
You two know how to dance.
I think one of the reasons Wayne didn't want a reception…he can't dance, lol.
As I love to dance.

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