Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cake + Pie Bar + Almost Taking Out My Cousin with the Bouquet {Wedding Recaps}

The night was quickly coming to an end (sadly!) But we still had a few things left to do before dancing the night away.

And one of those things was cutting the cake.

We were really excited about the cake, because it was a chocolate cake with a white chocolate mousse filling and was supposed to taste like Devil Dogs from Drake's Cakes. Of course, the only bite of cake we had was the one we fed each other. There's always the frozen top layer we will have in a few months, I guess!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
We had a really hard time cutting the cake. They asked AJ (the lefty) to put his right hand on the knife and me (the righty) to use my left. The theory was that AJ would actually cut the cake and I would just have my hand there looking cute. Except neither one of us could cut with the opposite hand, so it ended up being the tiniest, wonkiest piece of cake ever cut! Which is why we can't stop laughing in that top picture!
Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
But just in case someone didn't like cake, we also had a pie bar. We had such a hard time choosing our second dessert option - torn between apple crisp (because it was fall) and cheesecake (because its my favorite). But then our venue coordinator suggested a pie bar. And we loved it! From what I hear, the pie tasted very good, although we didn't really get any of that either! Man, I really failed at the "make sure you eat at your wedding" advice!

Photo Credit: Ruby Star Photography
Where I really needed advice was on how to throw a bouquet at the group of girls and not at the table next to them! At the last second, I was told I had to throw over my shoulder, and not above my head (because of the beams up there!)

Yeah...I could have definitely used some practice with that!

Did you have any throwing mishaps at your wedding? And did you get to actually eat your cake? I'm still sad that I didn't!

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

I love your face in the photo as you're about to throw the bouquet! Your cake sounded delicious and that pie bar is making me hungry. I hope the frozen top layer tastes just as good as it did that day! I don't remember eating the cake at our wedding (just the quick one for the photo) but we did eat it on our anniversary. We didn't do the bouquet or garter toss at our wedding so no mishaps with that. Oh and I love your cake topper!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

oh everyting looks so yummy!!! what a fun idea for a pie bar

Becky said...

I love the pie idea! Some people just aren't cake people, right? Our caterer packed us a picnic to take to the hotel so we got to eat the food there, late, but you're always hungry after you've been drinking, right? Only problem, no utensils!

ashley said...

Congrats on your wedding! The pie bar idea is particularly awesome :) it looks like it was a beautiful event!

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