Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pacific Ocean {Scrapbook Layout}

Happy Tuesday!

Last week, I went a little scrap-crazy. I made 13 layouts in just three days! I think it was a combination of having lots of time, lots of pictures and a newly cleaned (and unpacked) scrapbook room.

I found lots of papers and embellishments and stickers that I forgot that I even had! So I just had to play with them :)

This layout is about my first trip to the Pacific Ocean. Even though I grew up a short drive from the beach, and spent a week every year on the Jersey Shore, it was always the Atlantic. So having the chance to see the Pacific while in California for a close friend's wedding was pretty awesome.

I loved it. Part of it was exactly how I imagined - palm trees and lots of people on the beach.

And part of it was not at all how I'd imagined - it was freezing cold. I guess I just assumed nice weather in California meant the ocean would be super warm. But I found out because its warm during the day, but cold at night, the ocean temperature never gets a chance to really heat up.

I also didn't expect all of the cool tide pools and sea life. I had so much fun photographing the ocean and climbing all over the rocks.

But mostly I was just proud of myself for venturing out by myself (AJ had a major project at work and couldn't attend the wedding with me) Just a few years ago, that definitely isn't something I would have done. But I'm so glad I took the opportunity and didn't let the fact that I had to drive in a unfamiliar area by myself stop me from seeing an ocean that I've always wanted to visit!

Have your crossed any locations off your "must see" list lately? Where do you still want to visit?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You've been a scrapping machine! Love this layout and the papers and letters! I loved seeing the Pacific Ocean too. I remember how cold it was!

Jules said...

I wish I was seeing that kind of productivity lately...WOW!!! beautiful layout, the paper choices were just perfect.

Tracy said...

Wow, that is a lot of layouts…I don't think I complete that many layouts in a year!
Great layout and that blue paper is so fun for that photo :)
Good for you for venturing out on your own..I have a few anxieties and one is going to places I have never been to, by myself.
Odd as when I was young, nothing bothered me.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

Awesome layout
Don't u just love finding new/old supplies?

Becky said...

13 layouts? That is AWESOME!! It must have felt like a very scrappy Christmas unpacking all your supplies :) What perfect paper for this layout! I've heard that about the Pacific, but so weird, right? It's California, it should be warm!

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