Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sunflower Blogging Award

Happy Weekend Eve! Although I don't know if I get to be excited about weekend eve during this summer, since I'm off all the days and not just on the weekend. Either way, I'm going to be excited, because its the first full day of summer!!!

I know I don't normally post on Thursdays, but on Tuesday, Tracy gave me the Sunflower Blogging Award and because I think these are so fun, I couldn't wait to answer.

Well, I waited one day because it was a Wednesday I had to finish up my wedding recaps, and I really really love schedules and couldn't mess with it.

Here are the rules: 
share 11 facts about yourself | answer the questions set by the blogger that nominated you | nominate bloggers | post 7 questions for those nominated bloggers

Eleven Facts About Me {that you may or may not already know}

1. I really really love schedules and my day planner. So much so that I spent almost a month deciding on a new planner. I finally chose the Erin Condren Life Planner {recommended by Heather} Of course, it doesn't go on sale until June 12!

2. I am not patient. I will take a long time deciding what I want, but once I do, I want it quickly!

3. This is the first year I can ever remember that I will not be going to a New York Mets baseball game.

4. I hate running, but will gladly run 30 seconds sprints followed by 30 seconds of walking.

5. I love post it notes. I use them for everything and color code them for different events.

6. I prefer handwriting notes over putting them in my phone. Appointments, grocery lists, packing lists, everything gets hand written. Usually on post it notes.

7. My mason jar water bottle from Target is my favorite.

8. We have been grilling at least once a week.

9. August is my favorite summer month. But ever since I moved out of New York, I have to start teaching in August! I miss my August beach days.

10. This summer I'm trying to put away my phone when AJ is home. I tried during Lent, and failed. So I'm trying again.

11. I didn't freak out when my chalkboard wall was a gigantic disaster. It has to be re-done this summer. But I stayed calm. Major steps for me!

And Now for Tracy's Seven Questions

1. How did you get into blogging?
I originally started because I saw everyone's awesome crafting blogs and I wanted to play too. But I sort of was terrible and never blogged anything. Then when we moved to Illinois, I started blogging more regularly and made awesome blog friends, who I love because they always come "with" me when I move.

2. Do you have a favourite craft and if so, what is it?
Scrapbooking! Unless napping is a craft, and then that is my favorite.

3. How long have you been blogging?
Ummm...hold on, I will go look...April 2010 officially, but I really started blogging regularly in the summer of 2011.

4. Would you ever think of running a 1/2 Marathon?
Heck no! I run for 30 seconds at a time. That would be terrible.

5. What would be the hardest food to stop eating for you?
I seem to have a problem stopping when I start eating Goldfish. But I could not eat them anymore and be sort of okay. I would hate to have to give up pizza. Its my favorite. Left to my own devices, I will eat pizza for every meal, every day, until someone stops me.

6. What is the hardest thing to organize in your crafting supplies?
That's a good question, I'm not sure. Right now, I'm having trouble with my scrapbook room. I never finished unpacking it, so its half super organized, and half a disaster. Its definitely a project for this summer.

7. What TV series or movie could you watch over and over again?
 We've been re-watching Home Improvement lately and I've been loving it.

And now for my bloggers to nominate. Can I kind of cop out here and just nominate anyone who wants to do it? It always reminds me of picking teams, and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! Just today (meaning Tuesday the day I'm writing this) the girls in my 5th grade class were being all mean like that and it made me sad

So, if you want to answer these 7 questions, you can!

1. What was the last thing you read?
2. Do you have to wear glasses or contacts?
3. What are you having for dinner tonight?
4. What is your go to crafting supply?
5. When did you first start crafting?
6. What is your least-favorite-wouldn't-eat-it-for-a-million-dollars food?
7. Do you have a really hard time coming up with seven random questions like I do?

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

This was fun and I think I knew most of those things about you but not all!

Jules said...

What a fun post! And like Heather, I knew some of this but not everything!

Becky said...

I love reading these posts about other people, but have a difficult time answering for myself!! Will you post about your new planner??!! I know lots of people who love their's! I'm the same way, write everything down. I even have lists for my lists!! I've been reading everything by Jen Lancaster. She is hilarious! Everything so fear has taken place in Chicago too :) tonight we are having grilled turkey burgers!!

Tracy said...

Love reading your answers :)
I love that we get to travel with you when you move :)
I love to make lists…as with Becky, I make lists for my lists :)

Thanks for playing along :)

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