Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 {Friday}

If I took the most pictures this week on Thursday, I took the least on Friday. It was a very quiet day around here. I woke up late, and spent most of the day scrapping, napping and just hanging around the house.

I don't have a scrapbook room or desk anymore (the desk was destroyed in our move from Louisiana to New York). For layouts and things, I scrap at the dining room table. But for Project Life, it is easy to take out the few supplies I need beyond the Project Life plastics and cards and put them on the coffee table and set up a nice space to scrap on my couch!

Ideally I would have been in this picture, but I don't think my 7 months pregnant self could have hit the timer on the camera and then run around the table and couch and gotten back into my seat in 10 seconds!

I even broke out the typewriter. Although the best place for it here is on a trunk under the windows in our living room...I probably should have gotten the ottoman to sit on. But instead, I tried to sit on the floor. Which was fine in the getting down on the floor aspect, but not so great at the getting up off the floor part!

Then it was nap time. Well, it was actually lie on my side and feel the baby kicking time that turned into nap time. Because really, its such a comfortable napping position.

Aaaand a gratuitous photo of my new socks. I recently decided to throw out all of my socks (they were just getting old) and buy all new ones at Costco. I love these funky ones, with the bright colors and stripes!

AJ got home very late - he was golfing with some guys from the plant after work. So when he got home, we decided to just order a pizza, instead of cooking. I never complain about ordering a pizza for dinner! That's what Fridays are for :)

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Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Pizza and Fridays do seem to go together! I love how you can scrap right on your sofa!! So nice to get a nap in (and feel the baby kick!!!). I love your cute typewriter too!

Becky said...

Oh no, your beautiful white desk? I loved that desk. Super cute socks!! I love to order pizza on Fridays too!

Dawn Gross said...

Pizza Friday's are the best! So are those socks!

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