Tuesday, April 26, 2011

School Starts Tomorrow?!?!

School starts again tomorrow! Of course, I didn't think this through and slept until 2pm today, so I'll probably be ready for bed right around the time I need to be waking up! Funsies!

I can't believe how fast break went by! At least this will be an easy week to ease back into school, two days, then Friday I'm being pulled out to write the 7th grade final (read: I am not teaching Friday, which is really no big deal, as my 7th graders are taking a test, so I'd just be sitting there grading/lesson planning anyway!). AJ will be coming up Friday and then we have my cousin's engagement party on Saturday. It should be fun, to get all dressed up and drink free wine :)

I would really love one more day off to scrapbook and lay around...at least we had today though, the schools by me went back today!

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